8 GOP Candidates For Governor Want Executions To Continue In Their States


As 42 states have refused to execute in 2018,
the 8 Republican candidates in the execution states
of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas are all either current executioners, execution facilitaters or supporters.
Several executioners or execution facilitaters & supporters are running for governor. They are all Republican: Ivey AL, DeSantis FL, Kemp GA, Ricketts NB, DeWine OH, Noem SD, Lee TN, Abbott TX.

As Trump, Jeff Sessions, a US attorney, all shouting for the death penalty, worked to wrest the trial of Robert Bowers from Pennsylvania which has no death penalty, there are 8 states which have murdered prisoners in 2018. 84%, 42 states, are not involved in prisoner murder. The 8 execution states are
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas. Republican governors of Tennessee and South Dakota in their final days in office have chosen to violate the constitution by denying citizens life.

Incumbent executioner gov Kay Ivey, Alabama Republican is running against Dem Walter Maddox
Republican DeSantis is in favor of government murder.
Republican Brian Kemp favors death penalty
Incumbent executioner, Republican Pete Ricketts is running for re=election.
Republican Mike DeWine who worked as attorney general to limit death penalty appeals
and facilitated Kasich's executions in other ways is running against Richard Cordray. DeWine voted several times
for the Iraq war, has received millions in past years from the insurance industry.
South Dakota
GOP Kristi Noem supports the death penalty.
GOP candidate Lee supports the death penalty. "Tennessee just executed its first inmate in nearly a decade. 2 more executions are scheduled for this year; one is scheduled for after the state elects a new governor."
Greg Abbott has facilitated the murder of 10 prisoners this year. He is at least the third governor in a row after
G W Bush and Rick Perry to lead the nation of executions of prisoners, some of whom were innocent.

Pope Francis has appealed to all of good will to work to end the death penalty.
Christians know that Jesus stopped an execution in progress saying "Let him (or her) without sin cast the first stone."

In Judaism, Isaiah writes "I delight not in your blood sacrifice." Moses killed in anger. David in lust. Cain in jealousy. Yet none of them died.

The Hindu Buddhist and Jain religions advocate ahimsa or universal nonviolence.

In the Muslim's Quran, Allah is said to be All Merciful.

While in Saudi Arabia, executions have been by
stoning, decapitation, hanging and crucifiion, in the US in recent years executions have been by
injections of poisonous chemicals, hanging and

Many atheists and agnostics oppose execution.



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