Fruitarian Dishes


Fruitarians kill no animal bird or fish, steal no eggs or milk from any animal,

bird or fish, and kill no plant.


Fruitarians eat gifts of trees, vines, berry bushes, plants.

Whatever is fruitarian is automatically vegan.


Some fruitarian dishes:

zucchini noodle spaghetti

baked eggplant with tomato sauce

succotash (lima beans, peas, corn, peas)

pecan pie made with date sugar

chili non carne (no flesh): kidney beans, tomatoes etc

banana almond milk smoothies

lentil soup

Falafel or hummus sandwich

Bean burrito or bean burger

coconut milk ice cream

Baked squash

Fruitarians can eat green peppers but avoid celery,

eat orange squash, pumpkin, but don't untimely rip carrots

from the ground etc.

-saiom shriver-







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