157 Thoughts From Hari Pani, MD, JD



157 Quotes of Hari Pani, MD, JD

One sits in a cinema. When the movie ends, he leaves the theater. That is death.
One cannot have 2 masters. One must choose between God and ones desires.
If you want happiness, do not embrace the rosebush, but rather admire the rose.
Put another way, one is in a cosmonaut suit to explore space. Returning to his true home, he no longer needs the cumbersome clothing... Some day we will no longer need bodies.
Beggars' blood has saved the lives of the wealthy.
A man waits in his boat for the wind to fill his sails. But he is not the sails nor the boat but the wind itself.
Giving in to ego shutters the windows which allow in the sun of inspiration
You are not only in your body. Your body is in you.
You can drive the car your self or surrender the driving to God but not both.
There was a time when I felt like the Titanic in search of an iceberg.
You make an arbitrary judgment that pain is bad.
(re those who prolong the lives of others in the cage of embodiment) As if God were saving, "Out of kindness I'm going to keep you in the boiler room shoveling coal."
If you (by acts of mercy) prevent others from evolving it will come back to you.
My teacher came in a dream and said "All forms (whether of the embodied or objects) are the caskets within which shines the one light of God. He unlatched my form and showed the outpouring of light. He unlatched his form and showed all creation within him. *
When one save's another's life he becomes entangled in the destiny of the befriended one.
God never was. God never will be. God only IS (eternally)
Dive into God's love
Cancer cells are alive. Are those who kill them murdering? (poster's note: Pani approves of killing cancer cells)
Give up the control mode. Don't be a beaver damming up the river of life but let it flow.
God is always one with you. Any separation or distance is caused by you, not God
Those who do seva (serving others) are not expecting gold stars on their papers from a teacher.
Give the keys of your kingdom to God
Why do you want to remain a 100 watt bulb instead of a billion watt bulb. You can save many more people and
animals by going within to unfold the divinity there.
To those who focus on negativity, the world reflects back only negativity
Some are sad on a sunny day. Others are happy on a cloudy day. *
The mind is judgmental. The soul is not.
God wants us to collect stories of love and joy, not of cruelty and suffering.
The killer and the killed are both God.
A child taken into a grocery store by his mother sometimes pesters for everything in sight which he wants. He is sometimes removed from the store by his mother. (There are myriad reasons that a soul leaves his or her body.)
All rivers reach the sea effortlessly. All souls will be liberated. We can float effortlessly (on the river of shakti) to immersion in God.
Visualize a grey cloudy day, but not depressing. The grey cloud embraces you with warmth. It is pregnant with the raindrops of love."
As if you have never seen your face in a mirror, you do not know yourself."
It is a sin to call anyone a sinner.
The secret of getting past pain is to embrace it.
When one has faith in God all the stats and probabilities disappear
Your servant is God
Expectations are a sign one has not surrendered
One plus one is One. One x Infinity is One
Don't be conned by pleasure
He reminded me of a general with so many medals and patches they were falling off of his chest
Talk to God as your best friend
Go ahead and drink alcohol but with each sip repeat the name of God. God ahead and smoke but with each inhalation repeat the name of God. You will find the habit gradually dropping away.
I have a friend who is Larry, Curly and Mo all rolled into one.
If I'm ever an avatar I will distribute holy prunes to everyone.
My teacher once joked with me that I had 10 more lifetimes.
The secret of getting past pain is to embrace it.
She had become the embodiment of what she focused upon. She was now Jackie Daniels and now in an alcoholism rehab.
The Tyrannosaurus Rex tracks stop. He has been transformed. He is no longer a monster and has ascended.
The ups and downs of life are a roller coaster ride. Enjoy it.
You owe everyone a joyful aura
Some are called to be daydream breakers
Those who have been given the name of their God (such as Latinos named Jesus or Hindus named Ramakrishna) are more enjoined to act like their namesake.
All have crowns on their own heads and yet go around the world seeking the crown
Fear and desire are two banks of the river.over which there is a connecting bridge. Some jump into the river which flows to the sea of God rather than waiting on the banks.
Many reincarnationists believe that there are numberless animals waiting in the queue to take human birth.
Is he steering by his spiritual star?
If someone doesn't want to hear you, you are less likely to want to tell him.
My teacher said that even stones have consciousness and that they should not be thrown.
The ego is imprisoned on one point by its mental prism. The soul knowing that he or she is merged with God is all points.
God can be compared to the light whose projections onto the screen create movies. Meditaters turn their attention away from the movie of the external world into the inner light.
One watches a movie in the theatre of life, identifying with a character in it so much that he forgets who he himself is, one with God.
If one slays the mind he kills the disease.
Reality cannot fit in the space and time continuum. It is like an infinite sized elephant trying to fit into a car trunk.
If you are not aware that your shoes are under the bed, searching for them throughout the house takes you away from them. In the same way, though God indwells all, those who search for them outside themselves sometimes go further away.
The supernova which was reported in June of 2011 left its source over 3 billion years ago. It is many times brighter than all the stars in the Milky Way together.
Prayers should be more than mere begging.
To be really free is to be free of past memories
For some all roads lead to Rome. For everyone, all roads lead to God.
The ego need not mean arrogance. But it always means identification with the ephemeral body.
I am taking the rudder and oars from my boat, and surrendering to the Divine Wind's guidance.
Once the seed is planted, its growth is effortless.
Some keep God in a mummy shroud walking around with threads trailing. Others totally imprison God in plaster of paris icons. God is all. God is now. (paraphrased)
How dare we reduce God to one form only.
Even the act of conception is violent. Millions of sperm are killed.
The transitory and manifest is unreal. The changeless unmanifest is real.
All are unfolding lotus blossoms on the universal pond.
God flows through us when we cease to be
(when the dissolved ego as the flute through which Baba's music flows.)
God is the universal mirror onto Whom we project our own reality.
God wants us to spend time with Him
If I insist on driving my own car, God can't drive it.
The ego and the Self cannot both occupy the same space.
There is an inert glove. God picks it up and puts the divine hand into it. It moves. It would be incorrect to say the glove is alive. In the same way, our bodies are alive only because our Spirit temporarily inhabits them.
We are all God's shadows.
The news is primarily negative. But power comes when we focus our soul mirror on the sun of the positive.
One has more confidence in a bus driver who takes him from point A to point B than in God.
If one puts God who dwells inside all on a pedestal, she or he creates distance.
The Now is receding into the past at the speed of light. The future is approaching at the speed of light.
Immersed in God's joy, laugh as much as possible (said to someone harried and sad)
God's love floods each being (but not all are aware of it.)
Those who give God much adoration are the very ones who won't get let God drive their cars, who won't get out of the controlling seat to let God sit in it.
Life goes more smoothly for those merged in God, surrendered to God, than for those involved in elaborate planning.
Those who sit on the fence get a pain in their rears.
Like nonswimmers thrown from the boat become hysterical not realizing their feet can touch ground are many who do not look to God.
Sattvic actions rise. Rajasic ones spread out. Tamasic ones fall.
Two things can not occupy the same place. When the ego subsides, God enters.
God has no one zip code. All zip codes are God's
We think we live our lives but our lives are being lived by God.
I translated though Baba speaks perfect English and often corrected his translaters.
More than once as translator I had to tell an unfaithful spouse that Baba was aware and wanted the infidelity to stop. (At other times Baba told someone to leave an unfaithful spouse.)
There was a Baba follower who reasoned that since there is no birth and no death, there was no reason for him to continue in this incarnation. He planned to end his body's life. He made a will, rented a hotel room, took a jar of sleeping pills with him. Before he could take them he fell into a compelling deep sleep which lasted for 12 hours. He was awakened by the cleaning person knocking on his door. He looked to the bedside table and saw that the tablets had turned into vibhuti. Going to the lawyer's office, he picked up his will, opened the packet, and saw only vibhuti inside.
We know that 1 to the infinite power is always 1, but in spiritual mathematics, 1 plus 1 equals 1, not 2.
A dormitory mate passed by in the hall. He said "What is that smell?" I replied "Sai Baba incense" He said "Why do you have it in the closet?" I answered "to transmit the smell to the clothes". He became Baba's follower. (Baba's incense is never sold outside of His ashram or center, although many are using His name.)
I told my patient that if he predeceased me I'd put on his tombstone 'pure of heart...... but not of kidneys' (carnivores have 5 times our kidney size per lb of weight)
Quiet is the language of God
When ego enters, God disappears
You are invited to the premiere of a film in which 3 actors die. After the showing, you attend the party for the performers and see that they are very much alive. That is a metaphor for the illusion of death.
When we begin to identify with the name and the form given to us in our latest incarnation, ego enters in. We take these roles too seriously.
Our name and form in this life are the shield with which we do battle (not in the sense of violent war).
God is Yogi Bear and Yogi Berra. God plays all the roles in the cosmic play.
We are all shadows on the One Light which is the Absolute.
Paradoxically no shadow can jump into one.
Baba and Krishna say not to reach for the fruits of ones actions.
With the light of the Absolute all beings shine.
We awaken from a dream into a living dream.
Don't leave Your body, His devotees said. He replied ::Where can I go .. I'm everywhere."
Be light at heart.
I dream I beat you up and I awaken and call you and say "how do you feel now>"
If I kick a stone it might say 'ow' a month from now
Let life flow through you. Don't attach the ego to the stream.
If a man hands a lighted dynamite stick to an unknowing person, the other says 'what a beautiful candle'. If he takes possession of it,
  it kills him. Do not let the ego take possession of the lighted dynamite.
When ones body awakens, the Knower, God, returns to the body.
When one reincarnates, taking name and form and begins to identify with name and form, that is the armor with which he or she goes into battle
God gives us dessert. Do not put lemon juice and salt on it. (Negative thoughts, words, actions are the lemon juice and salt).
There's nothing else to do. Just run out the clock.
Whether or not one realizes it, all, as Baba said, swing from star to star.
All are closer than they think to the goal, to God.
Meditation opens a portal from behind the mind with which to observe the mind.
Deposit all your worries, all sadness in the Bank of God

The Gayatri mantra is playing all the time. To the infinite peace it creates come turtledoves, crows, hawks, foxes, deer, possums, cats, raccoons, etc. On what we call Martha's Table, we put out apples, seeds, and other food and call it Martha's Table.
On the property passed down by my ancestors is a 300 year old mango tree, gifting 2000 mangos annually.

*130 See life as a comedy, not a tragedy.  (Laugh at the absurd chaotic happenings.)

*131 Start with 5 minutes a day of meditation. You will find that everything falls into place, effortlessly.

*132 My father told me Baba wanted me to marry.  I replied "Him first!"

*133 We are not living life. God is living us.

*134 Consciousness becomes imprisoned by concepts
as if one walked to a pole and handcuffed himself to it.

*135 Do not throw God onto a shelf. Universal consciousness, the Self,
wants to have a dialogue with oneself.

*136 Anything one can see or hear or feel is evanescent, unreal.

*137 Pain is caused by confusing the eternal Consciouness with ones own
individuality or ones body.

*138 The doors to the divine path automatically open as one approaches. The way unfolds.

*139 Once one is on the right track he cannot be derailed. Each obstacle is burned to light the way.

*140 Do not judge individuals. Do not attribute motivations to people.

*141 Nisargadatta Maharaj was not aware of the miracles which flowed through him and happened around him.

*142 Shirdi Sai Baba said not all buds become flowers. Not all flowers become mangoes. Not allan mangoes ripen to sweetness.

*143 On any given day, any one team can beat another. (We do not know
the order in which God will liberate souls.)

*144 Like the waves of the seas the mind's waves never cease

*145 Ego is a burning log one  refuses to release. The egoless witness the
blazing crackling fireplace glow without pain.

Rarely did Baba before his death or after, give messages to 1 disciple to give to another.
But he gave Hari Pani this message to pass along:

"I am like the sunshine. I am outside
waiting patiently for your shutters to open
so that I might flood you with divine light.  -Baba-
*147 The lion will lie down with the lamb by 2050-2051
  (Baba told Hari)

*148 The personality is like a car. One should not
cramp himself into a small car.

*149  Embodiment is like a jar. They are many shapes and sizes. The space within the jar is the same as the space
outside. (Atma is everywhere)

 *150 Life on earth is a trip to the theater. Sooner or later one wants to

go home.

*151 Many monkeys led by Hanuman, many bears led by Jambavan the king of bears, and squirrels too helped Rama

to defeat Ravana.

*152 Baba reminded his followers who were upset with Trump, Kavanaugh and other political foes that God is in every being.

*153 You are already univesal consciousness. You cannot change the changeless universal consciosuness.

*154 Baba gave Mrs P a little box filled with vibhuti and told her it would never be empty of vibhuti.  It has never been empty.

*155  Baba said that God has not given humanity dominion over Mother Earth.

*156 Those not limited by being jailed in a human body can do much more good.

*157  When one meditates everything begins to fall into place. Good flows automatically.


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The following was given by Baba to Hari Pani to give to a devotee:

Obtain and relish the nectar of the Lord's peace within.
The mind can be conquered. The mind uproots the divine tree
trying to grow. You are ready. I have prepared the ground over
all these years but you,  (still influenced by maya) like a weed,
keep reappearing.  You have gone too far to turn back.  The goal
is within your grasp. You must and  will grasp for it is My
will. Therefore I will work with you to accept totally the
knowledge that I AM is your Self, the One Self, with full conviction
and faith believing in only this divine instruction:. I AM THAT by which
i know I AM. This is the divine nectar and this nectar will be given
to you once you start focusing on the question "Who is it that is aware of
everything that happens around me, be it good or bad?". Realize that this
nectar is available by letting go - just for an instant, for in that
instant I will take my seat in the throne of your heart. Right now
that seat is occupied by hopes and desires and fears played by the
trickster maya. You will be given the nectar. You will drink this
nectar and thereby become immortal in this life itself.  A true
devotee dwells only in the knowledge and experience of I AM. Whatever is
seen good or bad is an illusion. You will realize this and transcend
the experience of death to attain immortality.
Your bondage is in being caught up with concepts. Concepts belong to the
mind. The mind belongs to the body and thereby the body belongs to
the concept of death.
To drop all concepts is difficult and rare. But you will do so.

With Love,
Sai (Sri Sathya Sai Baba given to Hari Pani to give to another devotee)


Hari was sitting in the back of Baba's interview room. Baba told him "Go". Those in the room were unaware that Hari had had an intense desire to go to the bathroom. He ran to his apartment. His jhooba (a white cotton shirt extending from neck to knees) unbeknownst to him got caught in the Eastern style toilet. He had passed solid waste all over the garment. He was unable to move, because he did not want to lift the jhooba over his head, further spreading the waste. As he was sitting there, his uncle Kasturi came in to the outer room and said "Baba sent these scissors for you." Kasturi reached them through to him. Hari cut away the jhooba and cleaned himself for several minutes. Kasturi laughed when he emerged. Hari returned to the interview room. Baba said to him "It would be good to remove the jhooba first next time." *** Editor's note:  L lives in a Virginia suburb of Washington and owns four properties. He has received pressure to sell from developers. There were 5  robberies at L's properties. Our teacher who was no longer embodied came to Hari and told him that one of the developers was paying someone to do the robberies in order to frighten L into selling. Baba has frequently given Hari messages for others.

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