Senator Chuck Grassley: Women Abusing, Animal Murdering, Illegal War Supprtoing Criminal


Senator Chuck Grassley  introduced

a bill which became law, reclassifying

fragile chick males as commercial

mail. They are crushed on loading

docks, vulnerably placed in flimsy

cardboard boxes. They freeze in winter,

bake in summer.


Chuck Grassley for many decades

has been the voice of the

corporate pig murderers of Iowa.


He along with Orrin Hatch, Alan Simpson

and other white Republican senators

abused Anita Hill.

Now he is trying to ram through the nomination

of Brett Kavanaugh, most unpopular judicial

SCOTUS nominee in history.


He is refusing to subpoena Mark Judge

who, says Professor Christine Blasey Ford

was a witness to Brett Kavanaugh's attempt

to rape her.


Grassley is sending press releases to the

media about Professor Ford's requests

before even replying to her attorneys.


He is refusing to allow Democrat senators

to be involved in the negotiations.

He is planning to break precedent by

bringing in nonsenators to question

Professor Ford, but not to question

accused several time perjurer Brett

Kavanaugh. In other ways he

has designed a hearing weighted

toward Kavanaugh.


He was a coconspirator with Mitch McConnell

is refusing to hold constitutionally required

hearings on the nomination of Judge Garland

by President Obama.

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