Why Choose Nut Milks Over Cows' Milk





Dairy cows are injected with or orally given female hormones
both to cause more milk production and to increase their water weight before they are murdered. Their udders become horribly and painfully bloated. In addition mucus and blood from the mastitis caused by milking machines drop into the milk and are stirred in. The amount of bacteria in all meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs is one reason that nut milks last a lot longer in the fridge that cows' milk.
The female hormones besides causing gynecomastia or swelling of male breasts and sexual maturation in children before teens are also causing leukemia. Other diseases of cows' milk include breast, ovarian, uterine, cervical, prostate cancer,  salmonella, listeria, strokes and heart disease from the animal fat or cholesterol etc.

Many dairies are still forcing antibiotics on the cows, whose resistance is passed on to human milk drinkers. Many in the population have reached the point at which antibiotics are no longer working for them.

Cows' milk causes obesity in human children,
partly because it was designed to make a baby
calf into a 1000 pound cow in a year's time. American children
are the world's most overweight children, while the US
government gives subsidies to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, California
and other dairy farmers.

A variant of bovine spongiform encephalopaty or mad cow disease is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), generated by eating the flesh (meat) of cows, gelatin derived from their bones, etc. Many cows develop BSE after being given food contaminated with central nervous system tissue, such as brain and spinal cord.  Sometimes 4 D cows (dead, dying, diseased, or debilitated)
are put into food given to other other cows.

Lacto ovo vegetarians are not always aware that cheese can contain rennet from a calf's stomach
and that Jello and ice creams can contain gelatin from cow bone powder. The old fee fie foe fum poem said 'I'll grind your bones to make my bread'.

There has been worldwide opposition to the child kidnapping policies of Donald Trump, DHS, and ICE. Mother cows go crazy trying to get to their babies who are kidnapped. Sometimes they are electroshocked to keep them away from the kidnappers. Milk is stolen from the baby cows, the calves,
and given to human babies. The calves are
slaughtered into veal.

Mother cows are often forced into stanchions
which lock them in at the neck.

There are countless instances of human dairy
workers taking out their anger on the cows.
Cows have been kicked in the head, pitchforked
in their udders, punched.

PETA recently covered an Ontario slaughterhouse in which cows were being skinned while still alive,
and another slaughterhouse in which not 1 but several blows of the bolt were required to murder the cow.

In Chino California, 6000 dairy cows died when sudden heavy rains turned their feedlot into a mud soup. They suffocated.

Dairy cows as well as 30,000 pigs and 3,4 million chickens and turkeys drowned in the Florence hurricane.
Virtually no corporate tv or radio networks which reported on Sept 20, 2018
the 36 humans dead mentioned the drowning deaths of the many thousand pigs, sheep, and cows and millions of birds
Human profiteers care only about the money derived from the slavery and slaughter of these animals and abandon them in hurricane to drown, in tornado to be smashed, or electric outages in which they freeze or bake to death in metal sheds.

Cows' milk causes the kidnapping of baby calves from their mothers, the murder of both calves and eventually of their mothers,  95% of fast food hamburgers come from mother
cows who are infertile or exhausted and old.

Nutmilks help to reforest the planet and are
several times more productive per acre than
milk derived from animal slavery. In addition they
use much less water,  energy, and human work in production. 

While the US dairy industry with the help of the Trump regime has fought to eliminate the use of the word on almond coconut and other nutmilks,  the dairy lobby and government have ignored the fact that milk used for the liquid derived in processing nuts has been in the English language for at least 5 centuries.

Many states in India have banned cow slaughter, not because they worship cows (a falsehood promulgated in the West)  but
because all living beings are sacred to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, many Sikhs. The same BBC which called the ban on cow slaughter 'food fascism' is the BBC which since its inception

has shilled for the butcher industries of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and other Commonwealth

nations, the BBC which does not mind promoting a ban on dog slaughter in Asia.





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