National Institutes Of Health: Drug Company Driven Animal Crucifixion


The National Institutes of Health
since 2015 has been given NINE BILLION
more dollars, much of which will go
to the continued crucifixion of billions
of animals sacrified on the altar of
drug company driven pseudoscience.


Trump who has denied health care to

citizens, created new poisoned water and

polluted air, has plenty of money for drug

companies and animal torture.

Over 11,000 groups or individuals have
been given grants stolen from citizen taxes.

NIH and the FDA allow drug companies to
do their own drug trials often
without oversight.

Ralph Nader has reported that the people
pay for this research, but it is given
free to multinational drug companies
who immediately claim intellectual copyrights.

NIH grantees often hide their drug company

NIH is more concerned with being an errand boy
for drug companies than in sharing with
all the world.

NIH has been criminally neglectful in
educating the public about the dangers of meat,
fish dairy and eggs in preserving health.

saiom shriver

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