Criminal Idiocy: The War In Afghanistan: Longest In US History



Criminal Idiocy: The War In Afghanistan: Longest In US History  17 Years As Of August 2018

Afghanistan is now the longest war in US history. It has been a CIA war, from the beginning, starting with American tax dollars spent in the billions by that agency to give shoulder fired missiles to the Afghan people with which to fight Russia. Russia has learned the futility of invading Afghanistan but the US government has not. The CIA has carried out even more illegal immoral assassinations than the US did in Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, when 16,000 teachers, businessmen, labor and spiritual leaders were murdered by CIA assassination squads, escorted in to N Vietnam by soldiers.

Neither the handlers of George Bush nor of Barack Obama care about the people of Afghanistan, but only what they consider its strategic importance in relation to China and Russia.

Afghanistan has made Dyncorp, General Dynamics and a host of other war profiteers very wealthy. It has created a whole new business of heroin smuggling,, something begun by the CIA in Vietnam with their airline Air America.

The war in Afghanistan is linked to the black op known as 911. Within a few weeks of the Sept 11 bombing in 2001, the US government entered Afghanistan, ostensibly to catch Osama Bin Laden who was already dead, a man falsely blamed for the Sept 11 attacks which were carried out by a rogue cell in the CIA with the help of Ariel Sharon.

There have been millions of deaths, injuries to US soldiers and the people of Afghanistan.

Bitter Fruit:
The invasion of Afghanistan has in addit6ion cost trillions of dollars. It has harmed the real security of the US, multiplying the hatred of Americans by 1.2 billion Muslims. It has caused massive inflation.

The British government has lost 3 wars in Afghanistan and is presently losing a 4th. The 1st was 1839 to 1842; the second was 1879 to 1882; the third happened in 1919. Presently the US government, having spent many billions to arm the Taliban (Mujahideen) against the Russians, has seen American soldiers shot out of the sky by shoulder fired missiles given to the Taliban by the CIA. The British and Americans have not learned from the defeats of Persia, Greece, Turkey, Russia and others by the Afghan people.

The governments of Israel and China find it in their interest to have American soldiers kill Muslims. Afghanistan is a neighbor of China which is funding the US wars by loaning trillions to the US. Untold trillions in interest have gone to Chinese, Israeli, Swiss, British and other bankers. In other words,

A further atrocity is that China is stealing Afghan metals. American soldiers guard Chinese workers mining the copper, not of China, but of Afghanistan.

Representative. Duncan Hunter, Republican, considered Mitt Romney guilty of treason when the latter tried to talk the Pentagon into giving military contracts to Huawei, a Chinese company connected to the Chinese army.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, who negotiated the treason of selling US Navy coastal property to a Chinese firm and who voted trillions for wars, is an insider trader who funneled over 1 billion in military contracts illegally to her husband Richard Blum.

Priviatization of military started with Rumsfeld:

Regarding morale, it is hard for American soldiers to see private contractors make many times more and have much less risk in the war zone. Private contractors do many of the heinous drone strikes. Because there is no draft, the war can be hidden from the public. Since the military is exploting the poor who are enticed into harm's way by promises of travel, education, and perks, the public ignore their injuries.

Veterans' Administration Scandals:

The Veterans' Administration has had many scandals about its inability to deal with the flow of injuries, blindness, brain damage, amputees etc.


Thousands of Asians from Indians and other countries, darker skinned people, are hired at low wages to serve white men who are killing other darker skinned people.

Veteran Suicides:
Veterans are killing themselves at a greater rate than ever before, as they have been neglected by Bush, Obama, and a Republican Senate and House, as they face homelessness, drug addiction, joblessness.

Corporate media do not cover military funerals nor the return of coffins at Dover's military base.

Environment:The fragile environment of Afghanistan has been further destroyed by daisy cutter bombs which level every living thing in an area of 6 football fields. Billions of mammals, birds, reptiles, and trillions of trees have been destroyed.

saiom shriver

written in Nov of 2016.. not yet updated

22 vet suicides a day ... 700614.php ... 0State.htm

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Painting by Vasily Vereshchagin. When Indians held a revolution against the occupying British, those who were caught were strapped to cannons
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