How Alleged Smallpox Vaccine by World Health Org. Spread AIDS Around World

The odds of winning the 512 million lottery on July 24, 2018 were 1 in 302 million. The odds that of 100 countries which got WHO alleged smallpox vaccine  the 17  countries getting the most alleged vaccine would mach in exact sequence those contracting the most AIDS after the shots  were roughly 1 in 10 quintillion.


Zaire, Zambia, Haiti, and Brazil were the first 4 of the 17 countries They received the
most alleged smallpox vaccine and shortly after began to have the most AIDS incidence. Conclusion: this was a depopulation plan in the guise of a vaccine program.


Pearce Wright, science editor of the London Times, reported this worldwide black op in May of 1987  AIDS Link to Smallpox Vaccine - …



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