7 Ways Warmonger Executioner Mike DeWine, GOP Candidate, Has Poisoned Ohio Water



7 Ways Warmonger Executioner Mike DeWine, GOP Candidate, Has Poisoned Ohio Water



Richard Cordray, Democratic candidate for Ohio governor, is endorsed by President Obama, Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and countless others working for fiscal integrity, environmental action, women's rights, an end to Trump's child kidnapping etc. 7 Ways Mike DeWine Helped Poison Ohio Water

Ohio Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine Helped Make Ohio A Fracking Waste Cesspool

Now there are over 600 injection wells for the toxic water in Ohio, as compared to 7 in Pennsylvania and 65 in West Virginia. The poisoning ot the watershed and continuation of Ohio earthquakes (over 800 in the Youngstown area alone) have been some effects of Ohio fracking. Ohio may be 2nd only to Scott Pruitt's and Jim Inhofe's Oklahoma which has had 5000 fracking earthquakes, including the biggest earthquake ever in Oklahoma.

Other areas of inaction or toxic action by Ohio Republicans include
a. the lead in the pipes of many Ohio communities, including Sebring.
b. the attempt of the Army Corps of Engineers to dump toxic waste into Lake Erie
c. the poisoning of Ohio streams with nicotinic insecticide and fecal matter from Ohio's
factory farms.
d. the lack of effective regulation of fertilizer runoff
e. inactivity re many toxic dump sites from factory pollution

f. DeWine's office and the Ohio legislature have worked to remove the right of local communities to ban fracking.

Mike DeWine was a cocreator of the Iraq War as a G W Bush operative senator. He has with his court cases argued for the rejailing of an innocent prisoner despite judges demanding the prisoner's release. He has argued for execution, helping make Ohio the only Northern state in the last few years to murder prisoners. He has supported the child kidnapping, warmongering, deficit increasing Donald Trump.

DeWine's son Patrick, a judge on the executioner Ohio Supreme Court, has refused to recuse himself in cases involving his father before the court, as Antonin Scalia failed to recuse himself in 2000 though his 2 sons were attorneys for the Bush campaign.

Please, Ohioans, vote for Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton for Ohio governor and lieutenant governor.
They are endorsed by President Barack Obama, Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, countless environmentalists, consumer
activists etc.

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