14 Things To Know About Corrupt FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb



According to Atlasobscura.com, the first use of the term nut milk in the West happened in the 12th Century Yet Scott Gottlieb Trump head of the FDA has ruled that only the cowkilling disease spreading dairy industry can use the term milk. He has granted this brutal industry a nonopoly.


1. drug company investments made him hundreds of thousands of $$
2. wants to speed up approval of lethal drugs, etc
3. Gottlieb said he would abstain for 1 year only from
decisions regarding 20 drug cos. in which he was invested
or with which he'd worked
4.. FDA tortures animals
5. The FDA has helped the USDA and CDC
suppress news of Mad Cow, Mad Pig,
Mad Fish etc
6. Under him, FDA says frosted flakes
of major corporation are more healthy
than an avocado The cereal has insecticides, sugar
7. In G W bush administration, Gottlieb helped
put restrictions on over the counter contraceptives
8. FDA helps drug companies criminally
advertise lethal drugs on tv
9. Gottlieb had written over 800 articles, in one of which
he criticized making it easier to buy Canadian lower priced drugs
10. Gottlieb aligned himself with the toxic vaccine industry in writing
“there is no causal link between vaccination and autism.”
11. Gottlieb was a resident fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute
12. He was a member of the White House Biodefense Interagency Working Group, and
as such a promoter of the 911 coverup.
13. Some of the countries Gottlieb worked with were Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Cell Biotherapy, GSK, Bristol-Myers Squibb,
New Enterprise, TR Winston, MedAvante and Glytec
14. Trump's FDA head has said he will require that milk be taken off almond, coconut, soy and other nut milks... once again demonstrating the power of the mammal killing, disease spreading dairy industry notmilk com

He was Deputy Commissioner for Medical and Scientific Affairs at the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in which capacity he served from 2005 to 2007.

The FDA several decades ago entered the warehouse of the ethical and revered Mr Dinshah in New Jersey and smashed his color healing machines. We were told that by his son Jay Dinshah. founder of the American Vegan Society long before many knew the word.

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