From Purchasing Officer Status In Military To Mercenary Evil


In World War I, British officer spots could be purchased by
the 'aristocracy'.
In Vietnam, an illegal immoral war, more lives were lost
because 'frat boy captains didn't know what they were doing'.
Now, the Pentagon of endless war has instituted the all volunteer army
in order to muzzle the vast majority who oppose the wars of
Bush 1, Bush 2, Obama and Trump,

In addition, the Pentagon has subcontrated to mercenary companies
whose owners and bosses owners and bosses cannot be courtmartialed
or tried in a court of law. They are protected as they
become bloated on the blood of their employees and
victims. Trump operative Erik Prince is one such. He owned
Blackwater which was sold to the Chinese. His employees
murdered black New Orleans residents trying to escape Katrina
waters. They murdered civilians in Iraq etc.
Erik Prince's billionaire sister is the
Secretary of Education who has been working to privatize public education

for profit,  end affirmative action, etc.


Footnote: quote is from tv show Law & Order


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