Trump's GOP: The Party of Cruelty To Animals, War, Execution & Violation of Human Rights


The Republican Party is the party of animal cruelty and violation of human rights.. Please read of their crimes of cruelty and vote out all who stand for election in primaries
and general elections of 2018. Many of these people name themselves 'prolife' as they vote for illegal wars, heinous judicial and gubernatorial execution murders, and animal slaughter.


13 state attorneys general, all GOP, claim states have a right to torture chickens in tiny cages and have sued Massachusetts over its
law requiring that eggs in Mass be sold from chickens in less cruel cages. The 13 are AL AR IN LA MO NB ND OK SC TX ut wv WI.

The 13 are
AR Leslie Rutledge R
IN Curtis Hill R
LA Jeff Landry R
MO Josh Hawley R
NB Doug Peterson R
ND Wayne Stenehjem R
OK Mike Hunter R
(before him Scott Pruitt sued CA over same issue)
SC Alan Wilson R
TX Ken Paxton R
UT Sean Reyes R
WV Patrick Morrisey R
WI Brad Schimel R


Eleven of twelve state attorneys general who sued California over its requirements that eggs sold in the state be from less tiny factory farm cages were Republican. They were Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin. All had Republican attorneys general except Iowa, which has a Democrat. Only Iowa of cruelty enforcers was a Dem AG
One of the 12, before he began destroying all of the US, was Scott Pruitt.


Every single Republican senator except the ailing Izakson voted to invade hibernation dens to murder bear cubs. No Democrat nor Independent did. The vote was 52 to 47. Izakson himself and Inhofe of Oklahoma introduced unconstitutional legislation called AETA which criminalizes animal protectors' videotaping
of the torture of animals in slaughterhouses, factory farms, fur farms, animal research labs etc. Trump in April 2018 signed the bill into law.

In the House, 225 Republicans and 5 Democrats voted to allow hunters in a 'national wildlife refuge' to invade hibernating mother bears'
dens to murder their babies.

Are the hunters who stalk tiny doves in the woods a form of pedophile? Trump nominated a dovehunter, Meo; Gorsuch, to the Supreme Court.

The platform of the Democratic Party in 2016 was abolition of the death penalty.
Only 4 of 50 governors have murdered prisoners as of April 27, 2018. in the barbarism called execution. All are Republican. They are Greg Abbott of Texas, Rick Scott of Florida (running for the Senate), Kay Ivey of Alabama and Nathan Deal of Georgia. It is they and the 5 unelected
Republicans on the Supreme Court (Roberts, Thomas, Gorsuch, Alito and Kennedy) who have kept unconstitutional executions continuing in the US.
Not until 1913 was the right of citizens directly to elect US senators acknowledged. The United States will not be a democracy until citizens'
right to elect Supreme Court and federal judges is acknowledged. Until that happens 5 Republican men can derail the wishes of the vast majority of 360 million Americans.

VI Paul Ryan fired the US House chaplain of the House because he prayed for the poor.

VII Ryan Zinke who insists that the flag be hoisted when he is present in his office has defied a federal court order
regarding his unconstitutional action in turning grizzly bears of Yellowstone over to Utah, a state dominated by Mormons heavily invested in animal slaughter industries. Utah has heinous factory farms and promotes hunting.

VIII Greg Abbott, executing governor of Texas, is distributing 5 billion federal $ for hurricane relief not to the
neediest but to wealthy homeowners.

IX The Republicans in the Senate have approved torture advocate Trump's nomination of an advocate of torture, Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State. Trump hopes that Gina Haspel who waterboarded prisoners at illegal CIA rendition sites will become the head of the CIA.

X Donald Trump ran as a peace candidate but since installing himself in the White House has unconstitutionally and in violation of international law bombed or authorized other violent acts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Niger, Somalia, and Yemen. He won neither the popular vote nor the electoral college. States such as Ohio had Republicans like Jon Husted violating the rights
of Democrats to vote. Husted removed several hundred thousand Democrats, Greens, Liberatarians etc from the voting roles. The Kansas Republican Party with fraudster Kris Kobach as Kansas Secretary of State. was another example of denial of the franchise to nonRepublicans.


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