Favorite Lines Of Poets, Writers, Leaders, Masters, Saints 867 to 1478


Editor   saiom shriver

  Update:  Keep the sunshine in front of you and shadows fall behind   Walt Whitman paraphrased

*867 Like an elephant, I stroke the bones of my past, the loved ones I could never reach and who could never reach me. I gather up bleached fragments to my ears listening for echos,mapping out every nuance with my fingers to find answers. Martlin in Ole Infant

*868 Earth has finished third again, in the annual race around the sun Dan Tompsett in As I Tear Up Another Win Ticket

*869 The heat from my hand burns into the cold steel, condensation, clammy metal,
as I grip its body still tighter, tighter, willing it...and drops of the deepest indigo surge up
through the vessel, that inky vein, spilling now, finally out of its pointed, parted silver tip. bu Jasmin Collier in Inky Vein

*870 they seek refuge in the quiet of late night, confessions calm souls like ripples in a pond; by Crumbs of Sorts in Kiss of Kidness

*871  If wars can be started by lies they can be stopped by truth.   Julian Assange

*872 To every leaf that trembles and every star unseen, just know your life resembles, the light the moon does beam. There goes Martha through the gate, she knows not how to die.
I told her every fires fate, is to sing a song that cries..The truth is often seen, burning in the night; with Martha in-between, its fire and its light. -Mark Moir  To A Brokenhearted Sparrow

*873  a teardrop in search of God   by Crumbs of Sorts

*874 Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none  William Shakespeare

*875 To know her not-Affliction-To own her for a Friend A warmth as near as if the the Sun
Were shining in your Hand.    Emily Dickinson

*876 “You've got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.  -Annie Dillard 

*877 Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?  Job Thirty Eight 

*878 Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper,That we may record our emptiness.  Kahlil Gibran

*879 Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.   Oscar Wilde

*880 Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.  Bernard Baruch

*881 'When i met her.Arose newly born stars'   Kamal Osman in I Missed Her

*882  No lepidopterist's collection in the entire world...full if iridescent wings, is worth the life of a single butterfly.   Poet laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer commenting on Vladimir Nabokov's lepidoptery (impaling butterflies on boards with pins)

*883 The entire Universe is condensed in the body, and the entire body in the Heart. Thus the Heart is the nucleus of the whole Universe.   Ramana Maharshi

*884 And He will raise you up on eagle's wings,  Bear you on the breath of dawn,
Make you to shine like the sun, And hold you in the palm of His Hand.  Hymn by Father Jan Michael Joncas

*885   'Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops What if Your healing comes through tears What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise  by Laura Story who wrote the song Blessings 

*886  As the father of a 5 year old child going on a journey, holds his ticket til it is time to give them to the conductor, so God often gives us what we need right before we need it.  -MSC-

*887 Once upon a time cowboys twanged with rhyme while roping and riding
cows often gone hiding.   A T Alishtari in a review

*888 My master's visualizations were so powerful their condensation into matter was mere signature     Kriyananda:

*889 My father's will was so strong it was a police escort into reality.  -John C Lehman Jr-

*890 Fate had stung like gallant bees as honey spilled from your mouth     by Ninabel (Scylla) in Forgiveness for fools I

*891 Lust is a way of binding together past life foes to work out their mutual karma  -Tanya Siri

*892 Others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.   -Richard M Nixon-

*893 Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain. Richard M. Nixon

*894 live oaks live life forever young  never forgetting how it feels to be born
rocks ponder where their birth started  still feel the heat  the flow
even the mountains rejoice in the ocean listen for its trickle
Jon Von Erb (Jon the Von) in "And So Goes Life'

*895 love touches the sanctum sanctorum of the precious heart  T Ravindran in Bhakti (Bakthi)

*896 all the birds are flying sideways  all the snakes are try'na run
all the things that we manipulate may soon well see us done even ants are digging deeper building mountains underground  -is-not-was- in Us Asides

*897 Autumn's calling out once more peeking through a golden door   Lyndon Sullivan (lindano) in Changing Leaves

*898 Beside the clear river
reflections of you
dreams come true  Lyndon Sullivan

*899 The total figure for murdered American Indians is 100 million, making it the biggest single case of genocide ever and it is not over. -Richard Doiron- in a review

*900 Each day hold it's own surprise, as it unfolds with each Sunrise...
As time makes up our History, and days form our Biographies.  by James Christian (Wordfish)

*901 You need not have proximity to a person, but never expel anyone from your heart.  Paramahansa Yogananda  (paraphrased) (Thoreau47)

*902 You're up at dawn with lines to write you somehow fashioned in the night, a consciousness that came a stream, the Muse at work inside your dream.  -Richard Doiron- (Thoreau47)

*903  "I have such a love for animals that I can’t justify having their heads cut off for me." Hannah Teter   Vegetarian snowboarder who has competed in 3 Olympics

*904  Police terrorism.. shooting people in the back... murdering those they are sworn to protect and defend   -S Grafio-

*905 she cried, she wailed she swore, she railed I'd never understand she paused, inhaled
she flipped and flailed then threw her wedding band  by David W Brown in Turnabout

*906 Do the scars on your tongue bleed when you sing those lies  Guy Mayfield in Devil In The Dirty Mirror

*907 In the night the mountains whisper secrets  My mind wanders paths worn by ram and ewe Stars filter their wonders past a full moon aura Hearth calls me gently to its warmth      by Michael John McCrae (Macsword)

*908 I know I know yet I do not   will someone please untie the knots
always looking to connect the dots   Jessie (Just a cat) in Uncomfortable Solitude.

*909 True colors forever show  don't try to repaint them by Jacquelyn (Carbonell) in True Colors

*910 Forgiveness precedes healing   K S Hoare

*911 Cherish only what brings you to the Infinite    -Ananda Mayee Ma-

*912 Boppin along the interstate chuckin out some taters
feeding the deer, raccoons, and all them alligators  -Sidd Grey in a review-

*913 Vets are exploited to suppress discussion (re police brutality)..  (paraphrased) Kevin Blackstone, on WBUR's On Point

*914 'held a Raindrop to me ear it spoke of life perfectly clear we tiny minds so much to learn' -is-not-was- in poem Chisle

*915 I smile at the secrets tucked between yesterday's laughter and tomorrow's echo.
...I look for you    between sunset and Orion's eyes   -Cheryl Wilcox- in Winds

*916  Under sienna skies and wavering waves ancient colors echo between broken landscapes and whispers of the last beat.  -Cheryl Wilcox-  in Bang The Drum Slowly

*917 It was the way   you looked at me that night as the words fell  from your eyes, that left
me  swallowing a cocoon and coughing up butterflies. -Cheryl Wilcox- in Unsaid

*918  terrified tattooed truisms,reposing deathless
      on my skin, by Crumbs of Sorts in   If, #2

*919 When the sun curls its rays neath the stars of Aquarius   English translation of Dante Alighieri line from Canto 24

*920   Love is enveloping, yet freeing.  by Birdie-Fly -Birdie in What Is Love

*921 always thought a lawn is a desert with grass for sand Linda Mace-Michalik in a review

*922 Tucked against my cheek, your kiss now  Brings a resonance of longing,  Like a rumble of powdered snow Set deep upon a mountainside.     -David Edward-  in The First..

*923 Doorways lightness fading, through twilight's graying haze, in crumbling castle towers, lost now in tangled maze...Vines grown over broken bridge, above sad empty moors, unspoken sounds where ghost abounds, behind decaying doors...  Melody Goss in Crumbling Castle Statues

*924  My neighbor douses his yard in weed killer, while I consider the dandelions bright little spots of color, in an otherwise boring sea of green grass.  D M Shepherd (Dawn3) in a review

*925 “A Robin Redbreast in a Cage Puts all Heaven in a Rage.A dove house fill’d with doves and pigeons Shudders Hell thro’ all its regions. A Dog starv’d at his Master’s Gate Predicts the ruin of the State. A Horse misus’d upon the Road Calls to Heaven for Human blood. Each outcry of the hunted Hare A fiber from the Brain does tear.”  William Blake

*926 ike locusts swarming innocent crops in their prime
we likewise slaughter our fields of dreams   Millard Lowe in Trouncing Field of Dreams

*927 My mother in law wondered if vegetables feel pain. She hoped not because they can't run away. George Meikle (Dod)

*928 Rows of trees standing like soldiers, with their hands up saying 'don't shoot'.  Tom Ashbrook,  On Point radio show on WBUR

*929  Lonely trees do not live as long.  Trees talk, have feelings, suckle their young and take care of elders, we know from research.  Peter Wohlleben

*930 Empress of tides, mistress of change, and keeper of secrets from before the beginning. Locked in an eternal circling embrace with your lover Earth,
never letting your darker side show. What mysteries do you have hidden there?  D M Shepherd (Dawn3) in Sister Moon

*931 With blandishments of thunder lightning spends the night- there isn't enough time to use fixing things since the insulation wore off how the insults sting!  D E Stevens (Langhorne)

*932 fusion of love and vocabulary -unverifiable irrefutable -time cannot displace the arc -
the bow of light -where ozymandias dusts off the sand and rises phoenixlike
to gaze on forever  a poem is never a half-truth   Ilona G (Babe) in poetry?

*933 flashing lightening signaled its coming like gabe’s horn
roaring thunder announced its approach  -Millard Lowe- in Teasing Rain

*934 He found you in a dream -a chorus heard on high -the heavens all agleam
with stars that filled the sky. The angels were in awe to take in such a view,
amazed at what they saw inside that dream of you. His dream was destiny:
on waking you were there, that blessing meant to be the answer to his prayer. -Richard Doiron-  Love's Answered Prayer

*935 'Love is thy dream   A dream of which, every nightmare is afraid' Mohammad Bohari in A Love Message

*936 'what's the address for fuckin Space' ...'how fast can yer run through a shooting range' 'does a chess piece get the fact the squares don't play' 'how deep is a corner to a bundle of chains' 'Universal Stars in flames  -lines from -Is-Not-Was-

*937 I can't achieve security for myself and my family by passing my insecurity to others. That just keeps the wheel of suffering spinning. -John Durgavich- (John D)

*938 He became the beaming sun to my rainstorm; I became the rainbow to his cloud.    -The Camo Crusader-

*939 Most are known to form a single file, while off he goes to fan as yet the flame.  -Richard Doiron- (Thoreau47) in Fanning The Flame

*940 How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true, But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face;   William Butler Yeats in When You Are Old

*941 Immaculate sunsets direct rays of revelation..;  -AcidiumsiX-

*942 I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, And what can be the use of him is more than I can see. He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head; And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.  Robert Louis Stevenson in "My Shadow"

*943 We have memorials for animals killed in war. We don't seem to be so hypocritical for animals killed for research.  -George Meikle-  (Dod)

*944  'cool air moving in moisture collecting on the stone surfaces   the night grows thirsty'   Kyle Schlicher (Slickone) in Painting A Surreal Landscape

*945 tired sparrow lands upon the bus  -Albert Schepers-

*946       a sawdust pile  my cat's scratching post  -James W. McRight Jr.-  (haikujourney)

*947 the silhouettes of birch and poplars converge and merge only to diverge
weaving, knitting and crocheting by invisible hands that seem to strum tight and taut
 strings of light ....leaving a puddle of melted orangy light.   -Rosana-  (Kolap) in Leaning Into The Thinnest light

*948 I heard the rustling  awkward flapping of the broken wing of blue heron  Hungry I am feed me  said the bird with me  in fascination staring  -Ken Hollar- in Panhandler

*949 my shoes demand an outing, "one sip, music, a kiss”they say out loud  Crumbs of Sorts in The Dog Ate My

*950 the harvest moon so bright amongst the stars it has been nearly a year since you were picked as the apple from my orchard Cliff Lindemann (Cuul) in Apple From My Orchard

*951 midnight finds her (moon) full of September’s light my dreams drift her bright skies
come dawn the sun will swallow her  Joy A. Burki-Watson in Tanka Midnight

*952  (re deaths of 17 soldiers) seventeen more fell at the border - cherry blossoms
-Srinivasa Rao Sambangi- 

*953 the tail wags the dog joy unleashed    -Mary Lou Healy-  mlou

*954 leading the way  blind dog    -T J Hatton-

*955   “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you” Werner Heisenberg, father of quantum physics

*956 It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living   -F Scott Fitzgerald-

*957 Prosecutors spend their entire careers assigning blame.   -Scott Turow-

*958 Mark Twain halo'd those he loved.  -Richard Zacks- (paraphrased from a radio conversation)

*959  grass half cut hiding plums  oozing juices  gardener pissed off  by MrQuipty in Haiku ali25

*960 The Arab boatman charged so much to cross the Sea of Galilee, we understood why Jesus learned to walk on water       -Mark Twain-

*961 In that spiritual place, raw chunks of rose quartz and purple amethyst lie on the ground.   The woods sparkle with rainbows from the reflected light as you walk through them.  -DPB-

*962  Time is a measurement of eternity.   from a dictionary definition of time.

*963  Does the future influence the past?  Caller to WBUR show On Point Sept 29, 2016 re their show on time travel

*964 When I am gone I don't want flowers all around. Remember I hate to waste their beauty by having them cut.   -Alexandra Lee- in When I Am Gone

*965 Within the mist The misshapen shades Of aging memories creep     -Robert Maguire' (Running Wolves) in The Mist      

*966  Poetry is to talking what dancing is to walking  C Benjamin Moon in Equation    

*967 Crops meant to nourish you and me chaffed and scythed afore their time,,,, Seeds cast on fields, in valley and vale's  oh! sacred seeds are thee
Echoing a chorus sadly wail's as nature humbly bends her knee.
- Olivia J Wright- in 'Nature's - Reason - Rhyming'

*968 Rushing clouds over mirror-like water   -Mark Helprin-

*969* Why is it a crime for us to lie to the FBI but not a crime for the FBI to lie to us?  -Laura Lippman- (paraphrased)

*970 pilate’s children dip fingers in common water each washing
the other’s hands with bloody towels of innocence -Millard Lowe-

*971 from the eel   a star seeks cover   a python jacket  -Susan E Pennycuff- in From The Eel

*972  I wanted to reach out and turn down the volume on your pain  -J Freundschuh-

*973  Daddy, if you come back as a tree I will be the     leaves  -Applegates- in Tree

*974 I saw it, like a glimpse into the the soul of a artist when you see a painting. But i saw only numbers and letters. Pure raw code.
-Tommy Riddlebarg- in Just A Glimpse

*975 'starwarmed'   'cover our worries in hopes'  'timing the roar'  amazing phrases from the reviews of -is-not-was-

*976 If God and love are in your heart, no fire can burn you. No water can wet you.   -Paramahansa Yogananda-  paraphrased

*977 a skein of seagulls winging home in the dusk  -Seasinger-

*978 full corn moon  a rusted weathercock points the way  -Karyl-

*979  the little door in William F. Buckley Jr.’s forehead suddenly opened and out sprang that wild cuckoo  -Gore Vidal-

*980  The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different. -Hippocrates- (who ran a vegetarian school)

*981 Soft as fine cobwebs adorning the vine.  Gentle as droplets that dew the roses. 
Warm as the first taste of ruby red wine Is love which once planted sturdily grows.  -Fay Slimm- in Winnow the Wind

*982 Three things are not long hidden: the sun, the moon, and truth  -Buddha-

*983 How many roads must a man walk down Before you call him a man? Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand? Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannonballs fly Before they're forever banned? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the windThe answer is blowin' in the wind  -Bob Dylan-

*984 she walked into my survival, wearing a halo,  knitted dreadlocks of light  by  Crumbs of Sorts  in the poem Spring

*985 'I yearn to hear the creaking back of pines keeping peace with the wind,shooting their prickly coat of quills over the dampened floor beneath my steps.' by Solitaria in Xylophile

 *986 All have spiritual power. None understand it. paraphrased -J M Bertsch-

*987 Description bypasses the opposition of the reader -Meher Baba-           

*988 The wind of your words passes through me -Sophia K-               

*989 Shiva offered the little girl mouse the sun god himself in marriage but she wanted only the little boy mouse -Srila Prabhupada- -paraphrased-

*990 'seventeen september nights
cannot color the breeze  -DvD- in Syrup Chasing A Maple Sky

*991 But what is worth living for if not fighting for true peace for all sentient beings?             -Douglas Jay Holden-  

*992 Magical is a waves song warmth quenching,Pushing back the past
in undercurrent, Memories linger like crystals on the sand, as prints are washed away.
by Carbonell,Jacquelyn, in Crystal of a Memory

*993 Tesla was an artist whose medium was not clay or stone but electricity   paraphrased from listening to the Tesla biography called Tesla Master of Lightning

*994 Like the dew on the mountain, like the foam on the river, like the bubble on the fountain, thou art gone, and forever!  -Walter Scott- in Lady of the Lake

*995 Inside the chaos build a temple of love  -Rune Lazuli-

*996 The judge murders within the law  -Agatha Christie-

*997 Most obits are mixed reviews  -Paul Simon-

*998 Ferns have feelings.   We love to cry, we chatter loud We ring alive, in fronds of love
We sing and dance, cheer aloud We also trance, aloft our crowns-John Chris-

*999  I am a belled pussy cat The music is so alluring
He has belled me Marked me by his masqulinity    -donna vanvalkenburg-, (starweaver)

*1000 I’m up against the highest, hardest stained-glass ceiling. (in reference to the Catholic church)   -speechwriter for the 2016 Clinton campaign-

*1001  When beings are drawn and quartered, should executioners be paid by the piece?  -JBO-

*1002 Bonaparte abandoned his Grand Army at Moscow and hurried back to Paris in his coach. -George Meikle- (Dod)

*1003 My love, How could your lightning touches Ever become numb to me?  T C Wings

*1004 Sensual Pencil Layers of graphite slide onto the page, She is a dark shiny slut upon the stage, He rubs the eraser against her imperfections, Leaving faint tan lines at closer inspection, The sharpener grinds away at her core   -Gertrude Thrift-

*1005  Nestle Pumps Millions of Gallons for free while Flint pays for poisoned water.  -Democracy Now-

*1006 You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star    Nietzsche

*1007 liquid languid flowing time is a present every moment  -Ken Hollar-

*1008 Thou bore the wind, and drank the rain
Thou took life’s pain and gently grinned  -Glan- (loveless heart)

*1009 There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. -Gore Vidal-

*1010 a tree scales the stone of Angkor's man made heaven knowing ev'ry crack -John Durgavich-  (JohnD) in Angkor

*1011     Retreat, retreat,   Drop your swords, run Our foe is nere,   Our choice is clear,            Get out of here, Horray for fear,  We're done,  Runaway, runaway,
            If you runaway you live to runaway another day  -Mel Brooks-

*1012  A president is a relay runner, handing the torch over to the next racer  (paraphrased from listening to Barack Obama)

*1013 There are many new cracks in the ceiling and through them more light than ever pours.  (paraphrased from listening to Hillary Clinton)

*1014  I had a glimpse of hell and heaven  -MSC- after witnessing an exorcism followed by a miraculous physical healing

*1015 Spiritual groups begin doing things the way they were done before.  That becomes tradition which crystallizes into resistance to Spirit.  -MSC-

*1016  is the Wish in a candle made of fuckin smoke   -is-not-was-

*1017 (re rain) It streaks and drizzles, pours and sprinkles, Carving wrinkles into stone. -Veronica86-

*1018 The distance Between Your hands and Mine is pregnant with a Butterfly called Freedom  -Leila- (LoLive) in the poem Instant Karma

*1019 Her laugh swings back and forth Like a feather in a winter day.
A wind blow coming from north Brings back cold from faraway, Her smile blooms like a snowdrop, Too soon for a snow storm. The tiller will reap the first crop, The last swan still unborn. Her petals veiling the ground Will silence spring’s sound. by Joao Camilo in Winter Will come

*1020  someone's description of why many soldiers don't talk about their war experiences.... 'like trying to land a plane in a fog'.  (If anyone knows the source, please let me know)

*1021 In a marriage, the whole is greater than the sum of 2 hearts.  -Leo Offutt-

*1022  to love is to try again, and again
for her, and for him, and for us  -Marc Wittman- in The Pain that Binds

*1023 Shape clay into a vessel. It is the space within which gives it value. Place doors and windows in a house. It is the opening which brings within.   Ed Spielman and Herman Miller    Kung Fu writers

*1024 The devil is defeated. I have no need of tarot cards any more.   paraphrased from words of John Carradine in the Kung Fu segment "The Nature of Evil"

*1025 Lord Buddha said 'love all... even insects'.   -Surya-

*1026 'I know I’d hold her like a poor man holds bread,
But she ain’t mine to hold.'   Matthew Mahler in Love Song No. 2

*1027 Each Autumn wind consumes warmth; Fear swallows courage until only the musk
of doubt remains to become flailing laundry -the beating wings of a Jaybird pinned between honeysuckle teeth, or the tremolo call of migrating loons, midnight mouths agape.   -Solitaria-  (Tammy) in Each Autumn

*1028 The Moon engorged upon the brilliance of stars
in a cratered solitude - Solitaria- (Tammy) in Tribal Survivors

*1029 'Catching flies if you are able
On your threaded dining table'  -Erin F D Stevens-  in To Be A Spider

*1030 “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”   -Nikola Tesla-

*1031  He wants what we want but wants it more.   Scott Day in Diligence

*1032 Nature leaves no brushstrokes   -Is-Not-Was- in a review

*1033 Revolution is a war between the future and the past.  -Fidel Castro-

*1034 America will come to talk to us when they have a black president and a Latin American pope.  -Fidel Castro in 1973-

*1035 His words came together as beautifully as water molecules in a river (paraphrased from listening to Alex Berenson).

*1036 Many prosecutors would rather obtain convictions than have them.  paraphrased from the tv show Bull

*1037  Every morning the world is created.Under the orange sticks of the sun
the heaped ashes of the night turn into leaves again  -Mary Oliver- in Morning Poem

*1038 'the way the continent looked before all the axes and saws'  Tom Hamilton in an on-air book review

*1039 (re Trump's selection of Scott Pruitt to run the EPA)  The arsonist has been put in charge of the fire department.  -Sierra Club-

*1040 This is a confirmation (vote in Senate), not a coronation.  Scriptwriter for Designated Survivor

*1041 The slow riot of Autumn's over      a barely remembered tapestry unbloomed before the frost....the rouge & orange, ochre & umber      a ritual of vivid candles throbbing in the chill...with sun late and evening early     flight of fading lanternsleaving us to the gray and evergreen D E Stevens (Langhorne) in the poem December first

*1042  Only in darkness do you see stars   by crumbs.of.sorts.

*1043 love lives beyond the fire even if the flames go out  -R C Cohn- in the poem Even If

*1044 There is a Snow-Woman in me who has fallen in love with the Sun...!
And this is;the abstract of all love stories on the Earth...! Leila (LoLive) in the poem Fusion

*1045  sand from my hourglass now forming dunes..a dune invades my window  
by Dorina Lisboa in paper prowling within a dream

*1046 ever shapeshifting  every night, the moon is full  when you are wolfen
 by (WolfSpirit)   Quin Overman in Full Moon

*1047  Like an elephant, I stroke the bones of my past, the loved ones I could never reach and who could never reach me. I gather up bleached fragments to my ears listening for echos,mapping out every nuance with my fingers to find answers.   Martlin in Ole Infant

*1048 Earth has finished third again, in the annual race around the sun     Dan Tompsett in As I Tear Up Another Win Ticket

*1049 The heat from my hand burns into the cold steel, condensation, clammy metal,
 as I grip its body still tighter, tighter, willing it...and drops of the deepest indigo surge up
through the vessel, that inky vein, spilling now, finally out of its pointed, parted silver tip. bu Jasmin Collier in Inky Vein

*1050  they seek refuge in the quiet of late night, confessions calm souls like ripples in a pond; by Crumbs of Sorts in Kiss of Kidness

*1051 Sun told Earth, "I command you,......obey the Orbit." by CaptureMountains

*1052  (re the death of his wife and daughter in a car crash and of his adult son to cancer) profound loss and grief that leaves a black hole in your heart and questions of faith in your soul. And anger, anger beyond rage, Vice President Joseph Biden

*1053 nothing but a whisper blowing the stars out   -Cheryl Wilcox-

*1054 sun rays shined on me, after you pulled down your shades  -Toni Perruso-

*1055 Your stare bore right through my eyes into a another galaxy.  -Duana- in As I Was Talking

*1056 Whilst your words turned into a whisper, my heart cried louder.  -Sarah O Gorman-

*1057 There are so many words falling sideways like a hard rain, .... If I stand still inside these puddles, perhaps I can catch one or two, string them together for a quiet strike of lightning.  -Kaliope- in Words

*1058 you departed into the stars   left no trail  no map  disappeared  -Bennett Rader-

*1059 and stars unravelled one by one.  -Tiadora Andeson- in When I Was Five

*1060 cool black earth crumbles lime green seedlings rest in trays dreaming tomatoes -John Durgavich- (JohnD)

*1061 A barren dune, the heart of a palm  cast ashore by the tumultuous sea.
The surf obeyed the moon.   Windblown sand, a stripped heart,
will of the wind, call of the tides.  -Michael Davenport-  (Blind Dog) in A Tidal Pool

*1062 the Sun's heat will appear chasing water home      MrQuipty in Evaporate

*1063 Compassion, comes from souls. Something, minds don't control. Creatures everywhere, feelings are what we share.   by Zineb (The Soul Speaker) in Compassion

*1064  in the dumping grounds, dreams are buried beneath the broken glass, styrofoam cups, leftovers and empty equal packages.   by Kyle Schlicher (Slickone) in Down In The Dumps

*1065 'crisp clean silvery breath
lit in old chambers'  by Ski The Deep in the poem The Gift

I had the song of the brook in my bones, its
rapids rushing me to sleep, where I could dream
of gliding over water-polished rocks upon the
mountain sides calmed by centuries of a river’s voice.   San Expeditus

*1067 Planets are like trains.  When they arrive in the station, some get on. Some get off.  Each planet has different cargo, a different schedule, route.

*1068 soulful yearning oak golden chiseled silhouette
shower me with fall      by Songwind in Feeling Fall

*1069 Come back to earth for what it's worth For you've been dreaming of the ceiling not a home I've reached the top of my wall I've found another way to fall For a while you and I were joined to eternity  Then we're split in two back to me and you Like the rain rising from the sea Rising from the sea   by the Moody Blues in "After You Came"

*1070  whether heartbroken or just annoyed, it's a bitch when love is unemployed bu Quin Overman (WolfSpirit) in the poem Jobless

*1071 The misty vapors of lingering memories arise from within the chalice
of human experience  Robert Anthony Maguire in True Poetry

*1072 “If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” –Kahlil Gibran

*1073  I'm going to step outside and melt the snow now.   Nita Nickol about her attempts to interact with a cable tv company.

*1074 When I was baptized by Pastor John I said "Today you are John the Baptist.  Now don't lose your head over it."   -J M Grubb-

*1075 Seashell collects waves Hiding the tides in her heart
Autumn is calling by Keith Rogers (Jameselle Bond) in Sea Shell Lullaby

*1076 Angie, I recall your hands' healing touch-
steadying my heart, straightening my spine,
and closing wounds where anger was my crutch.  by John Durgavich in Angie

*1077 they awkwardly navigate fresh dimensions,
conducting one another into the sanctity
of newborn love.   by Scott Christian in When Light Is Born

*1078  Sail over, Sai lover      P F Sloan

*1079 It’s not fair that people are seated first come, first serve. It should be based on who’s hungriest.  -Jerry Seinfeld-

*1080  The moon has cried, risen in the depths of your eyes by Philip Palazzolo in She Is the Moon

*1081 Love   the ultimate drug but far too many of us   overdose.  Donovan (Crow Whisperer ) in Junkies

*1082  'I asked the wind the way you make iron sing and rocks turn the other cheek ...I love the first call of Crow stealing the coat tails of the night coloring a derelict half light'   by Emerald K in Put Me To Music

*1083 There's no practice in life. We're always in the game.   S E Vance

*1084 in the Spiraling glow we touch eyes   -is-not-was- in a poem review

*1085 The sun emerged (from cloud cover) for a brief encore.  -John Grisham-

*1086 Perhaps each of the 58,000 families of those Vietnam vets on the wall were told that they did not suffer in death. (paraphrased from John Grisham)

*1087   millions of faces in morning's mirrors, ....... All of us as vital as the one light we move through,........ one light breathing color into stained glass windows,.....
mingled by one wind—our breath........the unexpected song bird on your clothes line......
We head home: through the plum blush of dusk, And always one moon
like a silent drum tapping on every rooftop    - phrases from Obama inauguration poet Richard Blanco- in the poem One Today

*1088 I do not own      this smile  You raise   like a torn flag
across my smudge of ribs and liver   -EmeraldK- in Planet

*1089  "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"  Emma Lazarus

*1090 she drinks with the GODS
as you battle with the believers.  Anthony B Perales in Doubting The Muse

*1091 A tree that wants to reach the sky most go to the deepest earth  -Nietzsche-

*1092 Less thinking is greater intelligence   -G Claxton-

*1093  If I were queen I would abolish the death penalty  -Ruth Bader Ginsburg-

*1094 I have consumed the wine of poverty and in doing so
found the keys to prosperity."  Samuel L Ponder (Soliloquy)

*1095  The sun setting is the precursor to the inky black
epitaph of the day no matter what kind of day its been for you
the night rubs it away like a black inked sponge
rubbed over everything you have written  in Night and Day by Astromancer (Mister E)

*1096 “If you are a feminist and are not a vegan, you are ignoring the exploitation of female nonhumans and the commodification of their reproductive processes, as well as the destruction of their relationship with their babies." - Gary Francione

*1097 Taken by light in her arms at long and dear last
I may without fail
Suffer the first vision that set fire to the stars. -Dylan Thomas- in Love In The Asylum

*1098 The days run away like wild horses over the hills. -Charles Bukowski-

*1099  (Moon) you play with the oceans  you sing with the crickets
all the while    hanging with the stars  -Inner Flight-

*1100  'You were never a solution my love Just another equation solving for y'  -Zanele Zamela        in Shade

*1101 And Winter slumbering in the open air, Wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring!  Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Work Without Hope

*1102 "the sun smashes into this filthy gray ocean like a fierce orange turd"  Donovan  CrowWhisperer

*1103 I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. -Sarah Williams-

*1104  True love is blind but never deaf   -Mathieu-

*1105   time unraveled my memory of the event   it seems humans often forget
what cloths haven't yet'  -R C Cohn- in Strange How

*1106 They bark orders at the children who catch their tears in time like snowflakes suspended above the splayed tower of their own matriculated manger - Mark Moir- in St Andrews - A Bonnie Bonnie Toon

*1107   a faux queen sits dressed in goodwill and satin...speaking to bourbon in iambic slurs...uptown jeans possess downtown...a mouth, littered with bones of gods of redemption...dawn  red, breaks through a wildflower's notebook   -crumbs.of.sorts in
corroding in joe's bar

*1108 does love fall white while winter hardens and snow-globe flakes bury darkness frozen under a cloudless sky? -crumbs.of.sorts in There are snowflakes falling in teardrops

*1109 From every phrase in love that was forbidden.Every word she spoke was hidden. by Eddie B. in She Had a Secret

*1110  We should talk to each other, not about each other.  -Angela Merkel-

*1111 They tried to bury us. They did not know we were seeds. -Dinos Christianopoulos-

*1112 Sometimes giving astrological information can be like running your laundry up a flagpole.    -Sharon Harvel-

*1113 The better the society, the less law there will be. In Heaven there will be no law, and the lion will lie down with the lamb. The values of an unjust society will reflect themselves in an unjust law. The worse the society, the more law there will be. In Hell there will be nothing but law, and due process will be meticulously observed. -Grant Gilmore-

*1114 We came from God. We will return to God. Everthing in between is the divine dance.
-Richard Rohr-

*1115 There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you he's going to be a butterfly  -Buckminster Fuller-

*1116 You may break a mosque. You may break a temple. You may break any holy place.
But you must not break the human heart, because there the Lord Himself dwells.   Bayazid Bistami-

*1117 soulful yearning oak golden chiseled silhouette shower me with fall  -Songwind- in Feeling Fall

*1118 Later, dusk settles over the margin. Night loiters in a parking lot. The water-tower looms, rusted spaceship  already softlanding on some other poem. by Andrew de Korvin in Trying Hard To Pick My Favorite Color

*1119  I have had those moments; caught between grains of sand in the hourglass.That sacred place where memories resound before the echoes of the cannon rise and fade.  -Cheryl Wilcox- in Fade

*1120 Humanity balanced in hands, that have never shod the shoes.Is it justice that still stands? or is gossip now the news? Scales weighted in truth's obtuse,
Leaves innocence hanging from a noose. -Cheryl Wilcox- in Suspended

Religion is following the messenger. Spirituality is following the message. (unknown)

*1122 The splendour falls on castle walls And snowy summits old in story:  The long light shakes across the lakes  And the wild cataract leaps in glory. Blow, bugle, blow, set the wild echoes flying, Blow, bugle; answer, echoes dying, dying, dying.  -Alfred Tennyson- in The Splendour Falls

*1123 A swirling sun heats up the sky, the happiness it brings makes me cry,
warmth and light at last, have come, nature blooms to a bumble bee's hum. by Cats meow in Swirling Sun's

*1124 When time cracks the hour glass, and gold and glory sing their last. The men of ours deliver up, the bitter wine of evenings cup. Send me now, on that quest,
to slay the popper and the best. And raise the plaster sword to crack,
another, yet another hour glass.   by Stevehorton in Hour Glass

*1125  Our victory is written on the grounds we stand on -in the shade of blood oxidised  -Jaclyn Tan- in Jasper

*1126 The drum echoes savage logic   Robert Kenneth Leutwiler Smith,

*1127 alone on this familiar beach pen poised   CrowWhisperer (Donovan) in Sunsets

*1128 Morning has broken, like the first morning Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning  Praise for them springing fresh from the word   -Cat Stevens-

*1129 Where I could engrave my  tomorrow with the frozen                                                                            truth of yester.   -Eya-  in Rainbow Spring

*1130  He screamsat pixelated athletes while guzzling cheap beer, but overlooks her melancholy eyes searching for the sweetheart he used to be...CrowWhisperer (Donovan) in Departure

*1131     Sail over, Sai Lover    -P F Sloan-   songwriter of The Eve of Destruction & many others

*1132 Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything.   -Plato-

*1133  Now autumn's fire flames  scarlet lace on wind sails....  L Spirit in Leafy Dreams

*1134 (Spring) A theater that opens with a chorus of smiles,  by Closeface in Arrival of Spring

*1135 The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between...-Mozart-

*1136 Love has no labels     Donna Brattain

*1137  There are no walls, only horizons   -Pope Franc-s-

*1138 'When time cracks the hour glass, and gold and glory sing their last.
The men of ours deliver up the bitter wine of evenings cup  -S Blake Horton- in Hour Glass

*1139 rain forest breath over head   canopy heaven  grace or glory  -E A Abernathy-

*1140 (Night Before the Eastern dawn) Kaleidoscopic near-chaotic sky and light
    by Susanne Donoghue in Night Before the Eastern Dawn

*1141 Some ladies don't like to receive flowers as they symbolize a dying relationship  -Tom Sucic-  in a poem footnote

*1142  Sizzling ions snap from the cathedral dome, charge the fresh-washed sky.
The long rains have passed and green has gone berserk. Susanne Donoghue  in Splendid Green, Glorious Blue

*1143   yesterday rolled down cheeks,  left a mess of mascara for the mortician    by crumbs.of.sorts. in an actor prepares
*1144 (re those who vote for Trump's "Health Care") they'll find doodoo on their shoes and on their foreheads a tattoo    Nancy Pelosi

*1145 Love is a many splendored thing It's the April rose that only grows in the early Spring Love is nature's way of giving a reason to be living The golden crown that makes a man a king  Poul Fransis Webster -

*1146 Feelings are much like waves. We can't stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf. -Jonatan Martensson-

*1147 Mind over meds.  -Andrew Weil MD-

*1148 Through His love I can look past all my pain
and trace the rainbow through falling rain  -Ed Ostrom- in Abundantly Blessed

*1149 River's beauty flows wherever she goes. Cascading as she walks, sweet melody when she talks. Her essence so pure all eyes behold her. Free spirited is her soul,
no one can control. Endlessly going, always showing, laughter that ripples
in the air... by Deb Copec (Oasis777) in Girl Named River

*1150 Evangelicals who voted for Trump have made a pact with the devil  -JBO-

*1151 You fired The love cigarette With the philosophy lighter
And we got addicted to...!    by Lolive (Leila) Coercive Corollary!

*1152 I would define, our moment in time, If not for the contempt,
of your fleeting hands..  by Abhishekrwt597  in Clock

*1153 I asked once, “Am I an out-of-the-box thinker?” He answered, “Depends on whether you’ve finished coloring the inside yet.”  I do like crayons!
by Michelle Lyn Kearney in Blithe

*1154 Dark dark blue evening The Atlantic rain has passed Leaving us with a blank fresh smelling page to write our evening on   by Owain James Roderic Holland in The Evening

*1155 You are my each unspoken word, music unheard, wingless songbird,
my linking love, a bleeding dove, you are the one I'm dreaming of,    my thirst's queer toxic elixir, each rolling tear, sweet souvenir, unsaid questions I have to ask,
my karmic task, a liar mask    by Eva Palhazi in From Lower Base To Higher Grace

*1156 "Reclamation" of mountains decapitated by mountaintop mining is lipstick on a corpse.  (Destruction of trees hundreds of years old etc.) Vivian Stockman of Ohio Valley Environment Coalition

*1157 Coal companies are using bombs, explosives in their mountaintop mining. If another country bombed our mountains the way coal companies do, things would have changed by now  (paraphrased from CSpan)  -Vivian Stockman

*1158 midnight breaks through torn skin watching shadows crumble
like frozen flakes  bleeding apologies stitched
to eyes bruised blind, echoing prayers that can not halt footprints
trampling her epilog- ruins of blue bones
by crumbs.of.sorts.  the moon inside your eyes was a sublet from mother nature

*1159 t was as if all the smiles of the angels were on the sea Had united to circle the globe; Peeking through trees dark in silhouette- And helping the sun to disrobe  by mariovitale227 in Sunset

*1160  dreaming of a stroke over a muffled drums
by kaiser mohammed islam in Without attachment without hope

*1161 The crocuses are blooming in Pussy Willow Time
the thinning veil of springtime is opening up to rhyme by Crystalsoul in Pussy Willow time

*1162 Pray evil may not come.
May it not silence the dragon’s mysterious song.
May the majestic mermaid not struggle in sand.  Sister Weirdo in Pray Evil May Not Come

*1163  'An old, deep river rises After a bend It nibbles and giggles
At the rounded rocks' MadTom2020 in An Impression That Does Not Dissipate

*1164 Don't judge your insides by others' outsides.  -AA-

*1165 Be like a bird perched on a fruit branch that she feels bending beneath her... still she sings..knowing she has wings -Victor Hugo-

*1166 God's blessing Cased in bright Orange lies  -Lady Jane-  (Kaitlyn) in Orange Truth

*1167 I reside beneath the violet rings
that radiate my love to you. John D Coutts (Joconta) in When My Life Is Done

*1168 tear drops of an angel extinguish the flames.
 by purple wings  Tommy Ohalloran in Beam Of Love

*1169 Be like a bird perched on a fruit branch that she feels bending beneath her... still she sings..knowing she has wings -Victor Hugo-

*1170 A seed's a star's a seed Stevie Wonder

*1171 Pluto is subtle.. not out there in a cheerleader outfit going rah rah with a megaphone -Ted Zagar-

*1172 Re foxhunting: the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible  -Oscar Wilde-

*1173 they didn't finish dinner, mostly cold porridge
and congealed blood pudding.   -Judith Chandler-

*1174  A lady told Mr Churchhill his fly was open. He replied "it's no use closing the barn door. The horse is dead."

*1175  (re 38 million pieces of plastic on remote Henderson Island and hundreds of thousands of marine mammals and turtles killed by plastic)  The sea is downstream of everything. The ocean has become a soup of plastic.       -Enric Sala-

*1176  My symbol for Libra is the butterfly: airy, symmetrical, beautiful.  -T Zagar-

*1177 (re subpoena'd documents)  My client has a 5th amendment right not to give up incriminating documents.  -Robert Kelner-

*1178 It is at the edge of the petal that love waits               William Carlos Williams

*1179 Please tell me what is civil about war   -Christos Victor- in the poem of the same title

*1180 In the foreseeable future I will be a dead person. I want to remind you that dead people are people too. There are good dead people and bad dead people. Some of my best friends are dead people. Dead people have fought in every war. We’re all going to try it sometime. Fortunately for me, I have always enjoyed mystery and solitude. - Tom Davis, Al Franken's writing partner in The Dark Side Of Death-

*1181 “Stars can't shine without darkness” D H Sidebottom-  

*1182 Buddha moon  glows the night...each day shines
from Lokpradeep's smile   -Bennett Rader-

*1183 if a snow flake falls in hell would you hear it evaporate?
Tommy OHalloran in Blood Roses

*1184 Oliver Stone asked Vladimir Putin his destiny, suggesting, “To die in bed, maybe.”
"Only God knows our destiny—yours and mine," Putin replied.

*1185 Climate change is the worst crisis facing the world. paraphrased from words of Emmanuel Macron

*1186 Polygamy with equality is impossible.  Samia Saeed

*1187 Father Brown couldn't kill anyone. He can't even kill the slugs in his own garden.  -Screenwriter of BBC series-

*1188 If a jury votes to kill a person who has killed, the members are no different from him or her. -Matlock screenwriter-

*1189  For comedy shows I learned how to be funny. To be in the Senate I had to learn how not to be funny. I put all the comedy in a dehumorizer. ( paraphrased from listening to Senator Al Franken

*1190 Love \  Is a tear \ Shed by the\ Sea        Charles   Earthling-ering in Weeping Wonder

*1191 deep calls out to deep words spoken in the dark have come to its fullest light
 Mariovitale227 (chevyvent)

*1192  Forgive all. One never knows how a soul's train is tied to the tracks of his or her karma  -Sai Grafio-

*1193  Media camped outside our house. Giving them information would be like feeding seagulls at the beach    paraphrased from listening to FBI director James Comey

*1194 Love is a many-splendored thing, It's the April rose that only grows in the early spring, Love is nature's way of giving a reason to be living,   -Paul Francis Webster

*1195 When this man loves you His strength is based on your trust  -Andre Grn-  in This Man's Love

*1197 The Rose was firing blanks by Duncan Brown in Vanitas Vanitas

*1198 If you build it he will come. -Field of Dreams screenwriter-

*1199 Love is a many-splendored thing, It's the April rose that only grows in the early spring, Love is nature's way of giving a reason to be living, -Paul Francis Webster

*1200  What didn't you do to bury me, but you forgot
that I was a seed -Dinos Christianopoulos-
The same tv executives who say that violence in children's and adult programming does not influence behavior
are the ones charging companies 3.8 million dollars for Super Bowl ads designed to influence behavior. kipp.org
Father, the gifts You have given us lie around unopened. -S M Cull-
Help can become the sunny side of controlling others -AA-

*1204 Sometimes that boat swam
through clear sea and blue horizon. by Alexandra (Alexhime) in Slowly
*1205 'sixth avenue's paved with mommy  blacktopped,' by crumbs.of.sorts.

*1206  exchanging glances,my future wife abruptly invades my secluded booth
at this boisterous bar,whispering hotly in my ear,"our eyes have started a fire..."
CrowWhisperer (Donovan) in Exchanging Glances

*1207 when we fall from your eyes, i will catch us crumbs.of.sorts. in poem of same title

*1208 “Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.”  -William Arthur Ward-

*1209 a fountain spouts prismatic showers; the ocean blossoms with every drop.
 by katgotyourtongue  (Kat Clady) in Velvet Onyx

*1210 (Mozart's music) New waves out of the night's mist and obscurity
lunge up high on the beach:    -Yeshwant Sridhar- in Mozart

*1211 the players tried to take the field
The marching band refused to yield  Don McLean in American Pie

*1212 An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you -Goi Nasu-

*1213 (In reference to a vegetarian who was having trouble becoming vegan) Don't worry. Your taste buds will  soon follow your ethics  -Isa Chandra Moskowitz-

*1214  I don't have a bucket list. I can't even afford a thimble list.  -JBO-

*1215 95 year old vegetarian Carl Reiner Get up and read the obits. If you're not listed, eat breakfast.

*1216 Chris Matthews: The obits... the Irish sports page

*1217 Vegans are the voice of the dead animal on the table
-Isa Chandra Moskowitz-

*1218 Woody Harrelson: (barring starvation) When did you ever see someone die of lack of protein.. most Americans get way too much protein (kidney & bladder disease

*1219 Anyone who thinks sitting in church can make you a Christian must also think that sitting in a garage can make you a car.”  Garrison Keillor

*1220  Pearl Harbor caused a shotgun wedding between FDR and Churchill  Louis Lehrman paraphrased

*1221 Darkness sings a cloaked melody.    Flipflop Shaman in In Defense Of love Poems

*1222 With each inhale she forced another square
into the family circle.  Cheryl Wilcox in Rock Paper Scissors

*1223 The Star of India is within you.  Paramahansa to a disciple in meditation

*1224 Fear and obsessions are encapsulated in control.  -MSC heard in meditation-

*1225 In sardonic shadows looms a shard of tattered sky The clouds think
they have been stripped by the stars... John1200delaVega in of baring and other verbs

*1226 There is free cheese only in a mousetrap  -Russian proverb-   notmilk.com

*1227 Rumour has it that it was snatched by our sun from the embrace of
another star. by Chromatic Prayer in The Run Away Bride

*1228 "When the flowers blossom, the bees come." Ram Dass, author of The Miracle Of Love, in regards to a spiritual master's power to attract.

*1229 All our memories are locked in a box in my mind
the key is in my heart   by SueB  in Kept

*1230 swallow the wind blow the heavens down wake the soul and float to the sun  R C Cohn in The Birth Of A Sound

*1231  sky's stars wrote invitations in sapphire simply wishing the final echoes of her song  Michael John McCrae (MacSword) in Star Wishes

*1232 His irises were quarter moon dippers into my soul. Pupils of fire, brought life back from embers of coal. Portals that reached out and echoed my name..  Cheryl Wilcox in In The Blink Of The Moon

*1233 A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except how to grow in rows
Doug Larson

*1234 Words held in rib cage red, think of you and bloom again.  Cheryl Wilcox in Beauty Of The Blooms

*1235  He wants her: His self-effacing voodoo doll. by Suzanne White in Despite Something

*1236 One who has given me the light that I carry in front of me  JMC (Wants Happiness) in the poem Linked

*1237 The difference between 32 and 33 degrees, is not just one degree, but the difference between ice and water.  - Al Gore- (paraphrased) re crisis in climate change

*1238  Will I ever become who I Am?  Darya95 in the poem When?

*1239  your skilled muse, a Shakespeare, pours satirical bubbles in crystal flutes mocking me   by crumbs.of,sorts in the poem you erase me and call us art

*1240 those shoes their  shoe-piles atop another remains  humanity;  faceless friend,   leathered tongue,   sole bare,  eyelets wept, soundless unsilenceable  shrieks by crumbs.of.sorts. in the poem beyond the morass, if you live

*1241  words waiting in heaven in the midnight blue  these are diamonds to be threaded  prayers of hope and love  requiems of loss and despair like tears on a vast velvet pillow  by -JR- in The Baptism Of A Poem

*1242 Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth "you owe me".
Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.   -Hafiz-

*1243 nature has many mirrors...like an alter ego painting a blank canvas then petulantly scrubbing away those dark mascara lines, -JR- in Composing Calm

*1244 The right front passenger seat in my cluttered car has been declared forever wild. -JBO-

*1245  W E B DuBois was a genius who did extensive research on black history. He had
a staff helping him. A white overseer was appointed. -MKJ paraphrased-

*1246 Once you've become the great hitter of love, it's time to be the coach of love.
-John C Lehman Jr- 1955 to 1991 and forever

*1247 Re a crossbow and arrows: "Those are nasty looking items" -Angela Lansbury-

*1248 Not by wrath, but by laughter, do we kill. Come, let us kill the spirit of gravity! Nietzsche

*1249 As a young child walking to the black school 2 miles away (the white school was 4 blocks away) in the cold my tears froze upon my face -Linda Brown- of the Supreme Court case Brown V Board of Education which made segregation of schools illegal in the US naacp dot org

*1250 Every time an obstacle is overcome is another victory in the high hurdle track race of life -Theodore Zagar- paraphrased

*1251 Animals were made for lovin, and not for the oven   paraphrased from

*1252 We may be the only lawyers in the world whose clients are all innocent
-Animal Legal Defense Fund- aldf.org

*1253 Moonlight falling like rain heard on radio don't yet know the author

*1254 "Indefensible", said one and another replied
"not to a good defense attorney+ Script writer for Monk

*1255 embrace today    gift-wrap tomorrow's promise.  Cheryl Wilcox in The Promise Of Lilacs

*1256 I love the way you slip through the cracks every time I close my eyes, I smile and pick shadows up off  the sidewal long before the  ink dries.   Cheryl Wilcox in Cracked

*1257  your hem is caught as the taxi door closes on sunset-  midnight begins galaxies apart.  Andi- in it was raining hard in new york city

*1258 Robin designing twigs Momma reinforcing apron strings.  by Becky Upchurh in Unwilling

*1259 a tarantella of feathers highlights passion seducing birds from teal to flurried fever of fiery fervor by Jane Rodgers (-JR-) in When Ardor Bubbles

*1260 linen leaves and lavender dreams dissolve love's lace curtains    by Jane Rodgers in In The Cold..

*1261 Writer of Monk tv series: paraphrased: A good defense attorney is a get out of jail free card

*1262 To his fellow protesters of the Vietnam War, Dr Mavin Katz: "Nonviolence begins with a nonviolent fork and a plate with no murdered animals on it" (paraphrased) (Dr Katz and 5 other philosophy professors were fired by the Univ of Akron in 1966 for their public opposition to the Vietnam War)
*1263 Scriptwriter for Diagnosis Murder: There was quiet in the room except for the sound of dropping jaws
*1264 What is the value of a human life? The EPA says 9.1 million the FDA 7.6 million,
other agencies less. -Scriptwriter: My Gal Sunday-
*1265 Never harm a snake or a scorpion. He will harm you only if ordered to do so by God. If so ordered there is nothing you can do about it. -Saint of Shirdi-

*1266  Asked to play Ghost  word game, BB replied: "I don't spell in cars".

*1267 The strongest man in the world is he who stands alone. Henrik Ibsen

*1268 (After being told that a husband had lost 2 of his children and his wife within 3 years and had said he no longer believed in God)  He has not lost belief in God but in the mercy of God  -James M Grubb-

*1269  One cannot understand the mystery of life by creating death, as in pulling up a tree to examine its roots   -L M Bertsch in a discussion of laboratory animal torture-

*1270 Some turn their poems into pretzels to force rhyme -Jan Freundschuh- paraphrased

“1271 Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” Henry James

*1272  One can be liberated from any point of the 360 on the zodiac wheel -A Thakur-
*1273 What is 'Waccha siddhi'?. It is the spiritual power which derives from always telling the truth. The words of such a truthteller always become reality. -A Thakur-
*1274 He is a heavy eater of beef Methinks it doth harm to his wit Shakespeare in Twelfth Night

*1275 I became cold and hard, like a glittering diamond -Craig Pearce- writer of "Will"

*1276 All the clouds that lour’d upon our house / In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
–Shakespeare in Richard III, Act 1, Scene 1

*1277 “Thus shall God shed the blood of those persons who enslave their fellow creatures.” -Benjamin Lay 18th Century vegan and Qauker abolitionist, friend
of Ben Franklin

*1278 As immutable as the stars in the heavens -Marcus Rediker-

*1279Slavery... will be as the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps, in the end."
Benjamin Lay 18th century vegan Quaker abolitionist

*1280 Oh, the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord fFr giving me the things I need the sun, and the rain, and the apple seed. The Lord is good to me.
-The Johnny Appleseed (Jonathan Chapman) Blessing

*1281 Asked to play the game Ghost, BB replied "I don't spell in cars".

*1282 Hate is learned. It can be unlearned. caller to CSpan's Washington Journal

*1283 Germany and South Africa had to deal with their racist past. It's time for the US to
address the racism of slaveowning presidents. -caller to CSpan's Washington Journal-

*1284 A woman was trying to shock me with her witchcraft, and told me her name was Beelzebub.
I replied "May I call you Bub for short"  James M Grubb

*1285  Where are all the monuments to the over 1000 victims of lynching in our country? -Bill Moyers-  press secretary to Lyndon Johnson

*1286  Power is currency, DNA, god. He controls the world. He provides the blueprint,
and he gives the instructions.    -Devon James- in The Love of Power

*1287 May rainbows light your way.    Scriptwriter of Matlock

*1288    the prince of darkness beckons, though
perhaps just one more bite?  David W Brown in Pick Your Poison

*1289 My foundation of self love  is sculpted by others.  I am a painting that fails to be abstract.    by Anne (Izata123) in Others make me love me

*1290 I threaded my dreams through the eye of the storm
mending the tears   that had pulled at his heart   by Apple Blue in Untitled #27

*1291 he stands apart from suffering adjacent, yet detached basking in reflected love   -David W Brown- in Periphery

*1292 'Trees are all orange, with some mist kissin’ their crowns, and a couple of goldfinches, shakin’ their leaves to the ground.  by Vineyard in A Cottage In The Fall

*1293 Capital should serve labor, not the reverse. -Abraham Lincoln'

*1294 See life as a comedy, not a traged  -Hari Pani-

*1295 There's a fine line between reporting and stalking -Law and Order writer-

*1296 (re Trump after over a week finally visiting devastated Puerto Rico and
tossing out a few packages of paper towels to the people)
Chris Matthews: as if he were tossing (suffocated) fish to (captive) dolphins

*1297 Your past is like a stolen ATM
from which, flashbacks keep withdrawing your success. by Fireblast in the poem Past

*1298 On the wings of the wind I write, On the waves of the sea I write, -Abdul Malik-

*1299 'with stanzas falling over edges of sanity,  wings blur she ladders syllables leading to the sky poet writes to spark poet writes to fly~'   by Andi-

*1300 these diamond roses drink wine blood of red'  Purple Wings (Tommy O'Halloran) in All Inside My Head

*1301  a supercilious martinette, he was -MKJ-

* 1302 Playing in background of an episode of Morse: "keep on drinkin poison.... hopin he'll fall down' (paraphrased)

*1303 Nothing is in vain. Nothing is resistant to Love. -Pope Francis-

*1304 Like all pigs on factory farms, Sarah's life was grim. The only time she saw the sun was on her way to slaughter. -Mercy for Animals-

*1305      dreaming   of blue skies hinged  below a bookcase      Andi- in There are No Walls etc.

*1306 How rain punctuates poetry    Andi-   in Physics, Simple Physics etc

*1307 yesterday's lamplights, gently lace our volatile vistas of sunken promises
-Yeshwant Sridhar- in Lamplights

*1308  'with a poet's pen he edits my winter..........'a spring tulip dancing to the rhythm of clouds....'  Andi in With a Poet's Pen He Edits My Winter

*1309 'watched thundertear red ribbons asunder i've trudged, missed sunrise, waited for star showers,,danced rain's promise to rainbow  stood in fields begging to flower'  by Andi- in Feel the music, be the movement, an ice cream cone

*1310  pencil me into the book of you ~ Deborahlee

*1311 Demanding the sun I missed the stars  -Andi-

*1312 Maybe-          had I followed           those butterfly’s wings
          I would have found            the most beautiful flower   -Malibu-

Like all pigs on factory farms, Sarah's life was grim. The only time she saw the sun was on her way to slaughter. -Mercy for Animals-
I studied drama for 7 years under Douglas MacArthur -Dwight Eisenhower-
When I look into your eyes I see dolphins clapping (paraphrased from the movie
version of Eat Pray Love)
Please God let me win the lottery prayed someone over and over.
God replied "First you must buy a ticket"   unknown author
You may sit in a car but it will not go until you turn the key.  paraphrased from Sathya Sai Baba
It is a sin to call yourself a sinner.   -Sathya Sai Baba-
(re a Bali teacher) He told me to put a smile on my face, a smile in my mind,
a smile even in my liver paraphrased from listening to Elizabeth Gilbert in
the movie Eat Pray Love which is based on her book
A writer in the tv series Morse, paraphrased: Women who beat men at their own game risk
losing their disinclination to violence and greater compassion
Our parents were warring but it was their children who were POW's
(paraphrased from Pat Conroy's Prince Of Tides)
In Saudi Arabia I saw a female robot on stage without her male minder  -MKJ-


Losses always preach. by Lakshya in Wings to Past (Fossils)

*1324  What do roses know of sorrow ?  What is death, if not a thorn ?
Would not the wound be cleansed tomorrow, if from our hands today was torn ?  by Vincent7 in Renewed

*1325 colors shake all over  leaves cradle in the wind  letting go of time by Crystal Freda (Crystal Hope) in Colors Shake All Over


You slipped candles in a rucksack and tossed it over the memories sliding down your back. I pinned your voice to the wall and sat in wax puddles by my bed
..by Butterflie in Note to Self: Don't sit in the dark after a blown fuse

*1327 My armor wears heavy My feet unmoveable A war i lost   Samuel Laeon in I Miss You

*1328 (re a picture of 3 hunters in same family) The family that kills together (is killed together)  Law & Order screenwriter

*1329 I have consumed the wine of poverty and in doing so found the keys to prosperity."
-Pat Powers-

*1330 'in starry  swirling sky, pieces of moon shiver, ache for flight'  'lit candles burnish shadows' Andi- in Moonlight Sighs, Stars So Silent

*1331  Lighting in the icy sky      Akira Higashiyama

*1332  My older sisters were goody twoshoes... they drove me to my dark side   -JBO-

*1333  Jesus was placed in a manger. The word is derived from the French word for eating. He was placed in an animal trough, in a stable. He chose to be born into the humblest of lives. -R Rohner-

*1334 'my breath  adrift on a breeze,'  Andrea (Andi-) in "In order to write- she says goodbye, gilly magnificent!"

*1335 "I long to dance In the rhythm of your breath'  Thea  (Kryptoegram) in Breathe

*1336 One bird sits still  watching the work of God
One turning leaf Two falling blossoms 10 circles upon the pond  -Thomas Merton-

*1337 Through my window I watch the moon cradle the night— A lifeboat of collected light My wings tonight... Loyal clouds form a celestial net to gentle the orb
at the rudeness of dawn' by Rock-a-Little in She Sleeps

*1338  I never knew who held on tighter with laced-finger strength
that morning the Spring thaw burned with frost-  by Cheryl Wilcox in Spring Frost

*1339 Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.’ Alfred Tennyson

*1340 Those blue serial killer eyes   -JenniferSullivan-

*1341 He was going to flush the antipsychotics down the drain but thought he might need them for the zombie apocalypse -Jennifer Sullivan-

*1342 : I was a soldier bound for Vietnam being given frostbite training in Alaska. There hadn't been a case of frostbite in Vietnam in centuries (paraphrased) Harlan Ullman

*1343 'I take with me a silver spoon, with which to taste to moon rays; by Alyn Myers (Flothism) in Complete

*1344 ripples, droplets fall  too thick and fast to be known   stream of consciousness     by KLeesonit

*1345 I feel like a dark cloud hovering over a thankless ocean,  in Cloudburst by Ameya  (Jabberwocky 312)

*1346 Night surrenders to the dawn in one simple yawn. Dreams from midnight wings
now sing songs in sun's first rhyme.Their sounds echo through time divine. in  Night Surrenders To Dawn by Kathleen De Rose

*1347 You offered a sacrifice, your broken smile in Tears by Josef Wolff

*1348 her shoes made from the bones of dead drummers.  in Zelda by Ray Cope

*1349 If I could roll the burden from the shoulders of Sisyphus   and return the quivering fledgling to its feathered nest,  would tender drops of desert rain migrate back to my parched lips or be strung, like pearls, onto strands of time by the fingers of the wind… in If by Jerilyn Morgan (Hyster)

*1350 The truth is wet dripping from your lips  evaporating on then forgets
how sweet it sips.  A T Alishtari

*1351 I heard disparate voices in the human abbatoir
Washington was sold to a fiending corporate whore
Turning tricks for smart bombs in the West Wing corridor
And he's never felt the sting of a vacant factory floor by Marxist123 in Turning Tricks For Smart Bombs

*1352 the moon never stole the suns light it was a gift   Tommy OHalloran in Light Meets Dark

*1353 i scatter cogs blindly hoping to float like a musical note
through the Chinese gate knowing that conquest is just a trap door   -Thom Bone

* 1354 Anger is a mechanism one needs to get out of dangerous situations,
but after that is achieved it should be discarded. paraphrased from Sarah Westover
*1355 Charlton Heston was asked at a GOP fundraiser in 1988 if he'd ever considered becoming vegetarian.
No, he replied, but I want you to know my 4 dogs are safe with me.
*1356 His promises are worth less than a degree from his university -M Romney
*1357 If someone does not smile at you be generous and offer your own smile.
Nobody needs a smile more than the one that cannot smile to others. -Dalai Lama
*1358 The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.- Jacques Cousteau
*1359 Native Americans, African Americans, and immigrants built our country
   paraphrased from ACLU org
*1360 Never harm a snake or a scorpion. He will only harm you if ordered to do so by God.
If so ordered there is nothing you can do about it.-Saint of Shirdi-
http://www.saibaba. org/saisatc.html
*1361  We don't need to eat anyone who would run, swim, or fly away if he could
Source: Vegan Food Recipe on twitter
*1362 Unlike legislatures, 12 members of a jury answer only to their own consciences.
Law and Order script writer.
*1363 Starseed Transmissions: One never has enough data to assign value to any action.
*1364 Red velvet room, red velvet room, rolls me in its mouth and swallows me to sleep. -Barbara Feldon- (who was in Get Smart with Don Adams)
*1365 Our backs tell stories that no books have the spines to carry -Rupi Kaur
*1366 John Dickerson: Poetry gatekeepers wanted to keep her out. She went around them
*1367 when snow falls i long for grass when grass grows i walk all over it when leaves change color i beg for flowers when flowers bloom i pick them -rupi kaur-
*1368 I oppose innocent trees being cut down in their prime and their corpses grotesquely dressed with tinsel and twinkling lights -Friends screenwriter, spoken by Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffat

*1369 Silence brings siddhis (spiritual powers) Baba Hari Das

*1370 Bhagavad Gita: Abandon all varieties of dharma (rules) and only surrender to God (Only God knows the consequences of each action)

*1371 Bhagavad Gita: Surrender the fruits of action to God
(Why? Because both good karma's gold chains and bad karma's lead chains create binding ties one to future earth incarnation.)

*1372 Isaac Butler requoted Tony Kushner: The world only spins forward

*1373 Hollywood: where they all talk like hippies and act like members of a mob .....paraphrased from Law & Order script

*1374 It's very hard for a butterfly to see its own wings. Only if it flies above water or by a window is it possible. In the same way, many do not know how beautiful they are, unless their spiritual beauty is reflected back to them. sparked by a Natural News meme

*1375 Cranes fly over he Himalayas... "Like all who visit the highest mountains of earth they dare not linger" BBC Planet Earth
*1376 The roar of a billion beating locust wings disappeared when the food was gone. BBC Planet Earth

*1377 Scriptwriter of the movie Fury, a movie about American soldiers
fighting Germans: The Bible says you can kill em but you can't f**k em.

*1378 Before I start the car I pray for protection for us and others.
When I arrive home I thank God Gail Hudson
*1379 Empty the mind chalice of the liquids of the past and future, to pour the berry tea of the present   -based on ancient Hindu and Buddhist parables-

*1380 The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness. Victor Hugo

*1381 Your feet will bring you where your heart is. Irish proverb

*1382 Tears have the same meaning in every language. mercyforanimals.org

*1383 If a rose is music, then the lyric is love  by peacepeacepeace on twitter

*1384 I used to get arrested when my ball broke a window. Now I get a check for it..
-screenwriter of the movie The Babe- about Babe Ruth, an orphan who had his first cigarette at 6 and his first drink at 7, a generous man to the kids at the ballpark

*1385 People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within... Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

*1386 Saying “a rich Christian” is like saying “liquid ice.” Leo Tolstoy:

*1387 The sun made a cameo appearance -John Lofton-

*1388 He was not trying to remove demons from me, but to remove me from me paraphrased   -Tara Westover-

*1389 I can't leave my soul in the umbrella stand when I come to work in the morning by Law and Order writers Dick Wolf, René Balcer, Richard Sweren & Julie Martin

*1390 What the mind does not understand it worships or fears -Alice Walker-

*1391 Freedom is being you without any one else’s permission. Meme

*1392 If animals had a religion, all the devils would be human. -Animal Advocate-

*1393 A lot of people became vegetarian after taking LSD. They felt the oneness of all and no longer wanted to eat animals     -Here and Now radio show guest

*1394 Dear animals, I'm sorry it took me so long
(to stop eating you or stealing your milk, your eggs) tshirt script
*1395 He told me that he didn't date women who were smarter than he was. I responded that I was sorry he wasn't unable to date. -Cathy F=
*1396 A murmuration of starlings perform their traditional dance before landing to sleep
-Agence France Presse-
*1397 Place only flowers which have not been plucked on the altar Shankaracharya
*1398 The branch need not ask for support from the vine. From the book God Calling... free online text at twolisteners. org

*1399 The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails. William Arthur Ward

*1400 It is impossible to commit treason against our government unless the US is in a declared war with a specified enemy. The last declared war of the US was WW2 Lawrence O'Donnell

*1401 The Royal Eagle, with his pearly beak Digs into the slain hearts ruptures the life roots Abandons the remains   -Annette M'Baye- (Senegalese poet)

*1402  If you've love to spare then you've love to share   Richard Doiron

*1403 there was no hurry all seated playing cards   none had a tongue
the message was  in the eyes    -ski the deep- of allpoetry

*1404 'Knock knock knock...!I hear you knock'in..., but you can't come in The doorbell of my heart is broken once again  -James Dean of AP in Doorbell Of My Heart-

*1405  lullaby for a flower     -Harps McLean-

*1406   the sky starts to fall & i itch where only demons reach   -Harps McLean

*1407  God is the absolute seed  -Brindaban Panda in a review-

*1408  Buddha's fingers. Sun drawing water. Ropes of Maui. Tony Demark  (speaking of the crepuscular rays of the sun, parallel bands of light seen through cloud apertures)

*1409  And when you left you stayed   -Songwind-

*1410 Catching the southern breeze in my sails leaving the sugar sand beach   the spray of the waves baptize me  the horizon is just out of reach   by C R Linsey in Sail Away

*1411 The scarlet letter: the R of Republican     MSNBC guest

*1412 I would love to engrave my writings in the hearts of men.  -Sajini Israel-

*1413  Do you Hear the enchanted raindrops?...This is where the cloud is placed under my feet...This is a place where the sand shines on us  -Ransom muojekwu in Let's Dream Together-

*1414 Haiku 289      couldn't run any faster    we beat the light
          with sticks                    -gypsum-

*1415  Haiku city out there      just waiting to rain    Taxis and Planes  -gypsum-

*1416 Haiku 281  flightless bird  down in the swamp  Neon Lights   -gypsum-

*1417 The USA has reaped the seeds that John Deere has sewn,  ...seen the grass
that John Deere  has mown.   in the poem John Deer by William Fowler Poet B300

 *1418 When you leave Forever I'm left with a nest Of silver That holds no value
Whatsoever  Haris Ahmed in The Magpie

*1419 People say things meant to rip you in half... you hold the power not to turn their words into a knife and cut yourself   -Rupi Kaur-

*1420 rises early like the damp  breathes the brine in drapes  it tastes of chimes   -Emerald K- in Sipario

*1421 I threaded you like silken yarn to this heart from the very start, I’m wrapped like a chrysalis completely lover, your cocoon.  Olivia J.Wright (Oliviaa) in ‘Love,’tis not a game’

*1422  in place of a suicide note, i'll leave my entire breathing self. by R Hart (l. jeffry in the poem 'in place of a suicide note'

*1423 'No midnight tears No predawn fears No hateful curses No scribbled verses No dark shadowed faults No hidden locked vaults'  Jim Kidder in Chronicle


*1424 Not out of nowhere did the wind suddenly rise laughter of the gods by Eane Watson in Gust

*1425 Do not doughnut   -John C Lehman Jr-

*1426 the earth fills her glass with melting snow, pouring it down the
mountains where it bubbles and gurgles,
singing its way into my soul.  by Diana (Kubie-K) in Sing Me To Sleep

*1427  On the beach I saw a man standing with his face toward the sky. letting his kite out on a long string. Further along, another man standing with his face toward the ocean. casting his line deep into the waves.What was it that they cast out their lines to find
high in the air, and deep in the sea? by Cecilia (C C Freebird) in WishFor/FishFor

(editor's note: a beautiful poem even though those of nonviolent diet respect fishes' rights not to be eaten)

*1428  His life crashed into mine,Sending me spinning, Out of control Into his love by Lela Organa in Crushing Love

*1429 She's taking antiinflammatory turmeric but it
hasnt' changed her inflammatory political rhetoric diatribes JBO


*1430 If you let cloudy water settle It will become clear If you let your upset mind settle Your course will also become clear. Buddha
*1431 We have enslaved the rest of animal creation and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers (and fins)
so badly that beyond doubt if they wereable to formulate a religion they would depict the devil in human form. William Ralph Inge

*1432  'Slow motion fireworks- popping Jonquil buds,  pale orange tulip blades and boughs of greening willow'    D E Stevens in April Act One

*1433  'Marble halls (of Congress) deny freedom's ring,'  Sonja Hand in 'It's a Good Ole Boy Network'

*1434 Silence breaks like bread on the kitchen table, days after
carved shadows ache   by Cheryl Wilcox in Breeched

*1435 an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth    justice it is not
just revenge is the truth   David W Brown

*1436 ''All is dark, i want some bright, I am all Quaker-colored,
And now that you are gone, I am faded,''  by Rosa (immarose) in I Am Faded!!!

*1437 It is raining and the umbrellas are on strike.  by Tammy Cahill (Taoi)

*1438 'Lightning bugs on thistle trees' by Sir Slapster in In The Quicksand

*1439 'Shaded remembrances squeeze through eyelidded cracks...hold my breath between shaky coffee cups and unhinged prayers... amen echoes, but hope...clings to the safety net.'  Cheryl Wilcox in Between Coffee Rings and Window Panes

*1440 'as if i had any more choice than sunset has a choice not to slam the door on daylight   by And-i in i kept asking my little black dress why she was crying until she slapped me

*1441 Snow-obscured heights, mist-shrouded slopes: this spring evening.   Ilio Sōgi , loose translation by Michael R. Burch

*1442 Soundlessly they go, the herons passing by: arrows of snow filling the sky.― Yamazaki Sōkan , loose translation by Michael R. Burch

*1443 An orphaned blossom returning to its bough, somehow? No, a solitary butterfly. ― Arakida Moritake , loose translation by Michael R. Burch

*1444 Fire under the ash and written on the wall the shadow of a friend  ― Matsuo Basho , translation by Cid Corman

*1445 Fire levitating ashes: my companion's shadow animates the wall ... ― Matsuo Basho , loose translation by Michael R. Burch

*1446 Lightning shatters the darkness― the night heron's shriek. ― Matsuo Basho , loose translation by Michael R. Burch

*1447 My eyes, having observed everything, returned to the white chrysanthemums.― Kosugi Isshō , loose translation by Michael R. Burch

(1448 Over desolate fields winds whisper as they pass. ― 2 of 3 lines of a haiku by Uejima Onitsura , loose translation by Michael R. Burch

*1449 Observe: see how the wild violets bloom within the forbidden fences!― Shida Yaba , loose translation by Michael R. Burch

*1450 Gifts can come in broken boxes, tied with black ribbons....time heals, nothing remains as it once was,  Andi- in a poem review reply

*1451 That song ""Edelweiss" in the Sound of Music, has always stayed with me, hauntingly.
When they sing guard my homeland forever, brightness comes to my eyes, and I smile Smile at the asking of the smallest of flowers, to forever protect. Not in mockery, only in happiness, by Jan (Sealife) in Klein und Weiss Blumen

*1452  My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life; to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it.
Those of us who loved him and who take him to his rest today, pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others will some day come to pass for all the world. As he said many times, in many parts of this nation, to those he touched and who sought to touch him: Some men see things as they are and say why.
I dream things that never were and say why not.

*1453 and here I am today crowing again at the dawn
rising on a ray of the fiery sun  by R C Cohn in 'rising on the ray of a fiery sun'

*1454 our crosses light David's star  by Jan (Sealife)

*1455  i almost threw away a gift wrapped with a ripped ribbon....'toss an umbrella screaming what did you do to the rain' ' ...our eyes sign  bring on the storm bring on the snow we'll bring on the we' i push swallowed sounds hazy blues ... closer to me   andi-

*1456  When the sea overflows   Reaching up with misty armsA salty kiss and chilling   hugL  like a liquid bullet charm by Blair Haft in When the Wind Whispers

*1457  What can I do  to make you see  that what is clear for you is greek to me.
I would not change  one single starmuch less attempt  to change the way that people are.  in My Song by Babe Portmandeau

*1458  Mother's day will come, and go, mothers! waning moon,but north star to some.
-Padma Bhaskaran- in Haiku

*1459 God had to bring me to my knees to set me free... a love which crossed every chasm.. setting down the baggage I had willingly carried around   paraphrased from listening to A. Sharp

*1460   I don't negotiate with terrorists...  SD to someone temporarily caut in an addiction

*1461  slowly detox your narcotic name  by TheMadLad (Debarshi) in When the present becomes a funeral procession of the past

*1462  Autocorrect auto direct  My life  Because its easier to fly on autopilot
Than misbehave in a swarm of bees  by justthesame in Quiet Professional

*1463 seeking ... for swept screams   Donna Brittain (Ice Brat) in Tired

*1464  what we hadv ibrated  unc ontrollablylike ecstasywithout an off-switch
I never knew anyt hingcould be  namelessuntil you left     R C Cohn in AC

*1465  melting ice caps   flood tropical islands     summer sun  by A Shacknofsky in Haiku (Summer Sun)

*1466 think about thought sinking shadows creeping erasing all of what was taught
chasing the moon over mountains    Tommy O'Halloran (Purple Wings) in Climb Aboard

*1467  Late melting whore frost Revealing stiff purple peaks Blue veins trace springs thaw by Trevor Sutton in Spring Frost

*1468 within marrow, songs of you wait to be borne....crickets echo as fireflies alight,
marvelous metronomes to guide us onward, unafraid    by Wanda Lea Brayton in long before dawn

*1469 Being with someone, could be like two candles, they could melt together or get extinguished midway,one's heat could even melt the other, by guruommm7 in A Candle Lit Choice

*1470  'a stream of stars sewn to dark velvet crept behind jagged peaks'  by Ski The Deep in Eleven Thou

*1471 ''The temple and the mosque, stood facing each other.A pigeon takes flight, from one roof to the other, breaking the deafening silence, with a flutter.' by guruommm7 in Back to the Slums

*1472  Winston Churchill to his nanny:  This pudding has no theme.

*1473 "The cowman ropes a cow with ease. The farmer steals her butter and cheese."  Rodgers and Hammerstein in the song The Farmer & The Cow in Oklahoma

*1474 oh !  dog why does it have to be so hard...because ?  because  of

two screws in a magical garden by ski the deep in ' see ya at church '

*1475 From "Out Of My Dreams" in Oklahoma  by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein   Out of my dreams and into your armsI long to fly
I will come as evening comes To woo a waiting sky

*1476  "I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary." Variations on the Word Sleep" by Margaret Atwood:

*1477  He does not want it now to rhyme for it's just about his dinnertime  Don W Wilson

*1478 Come where the so well beloved is waiting, Where the rose and the jasmine mingle While I tell her the moon is for mating And 'tis sin to be single!  George Forrest, songwriter of the musical Kismet






The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battle-field, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearthstone,.....will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature......if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword,= so still it must be said "the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.  With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.  -Abraham Lincoln- fragments of 2 inaugural addresses  -Abraham Lincoln- fragments of 2 inaugural addresses

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