Ernest Johnson, MD





Ernest Johnson, MD

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Ernest Johnson broke many records.

No other physician was ever employed by

the Ohio State Medical School as long as he (62 years).


Physicians at his memorial service spoke

of his boundless compassion, his irrepressible

humor, great generosity,  infinite zeal, the very short distance between his

visualzing a problem and his working on the solution. He

made each  he contacted feel like the most important

person in the world.


He was one of the first workers for handicap access

at OSU, one of many areas of patient rights for which he worked.


He counseled his 300 residents never to extinguish

hope in a patient,  never to use the phrase 'wheelchair

confined'.  He referred to wheelchairs as liberators.


He was a tireless and brilliant doctor whose international

renown began when he invented numerous devices

to ease the pain of polio victims


As a member of the admissions board for the OSU medical school

he hoped palmistry would be used as one tool in recognizing



He had the gift of laying on of the hands, transmitting healing with

his touch.


Later in life he began to

recommend vegetarian diet to some, vegan diet to others.


Thank you God for lending him to us.

-saiom shriver-

  Dr. Ernest W. Johnson