The Marine Survives The Captain's Daughter

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The Marine Survives The Captain's Daughter


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The marine was engaged to
the captain's daughter
at Camp Lejeune.  She
discovered she was with
child... they hastened their
plans to marry.  His low
rank did not please the
captain who, King David like,
had him sent into harm's way
to Iraq for an extended tour.
Meanwhile the daughter,
fearing her father,
bowed to his will
and married another.

Ten years went by.
The marine left
the military and
decided to attempt
once again to seek
love. His relationship
with the new woman grew
over several months.
He was in a jewelry
store on the bottom
floor of a downtown hotel
buying her an engagement
ring when coming out into
the lobby he saw her
making hotel room
with another man.

Two decades flowed by.
He never again
sought to put out
the tentative tendrils,
the first overtures,
to a woman.  In the
vacuum that creates
miracles, this time Angel
Raphael made the move,
sending the man's destined
love into his path.



-saiom shriver-


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