Connecticut Governor Race: Dannel Malloy Rather Than Foley: Factory Closing Union Buster



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Connecticut Governor Race: Dannel Malloy Rather Than Foley: Factory Closing Union Buster

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In Connecticut, the incumbent governor Dannel (not Daniel) Malloy is running against
a Bush fundraiser, unionbuster, and factory closer Tom Foley.
who lost in the last contest with Malloy. Foley had raised over $100,000 for G W Bush and was cochair of the Bush campaign in Connecticut.

Foley has a 5 million dollar yacht,  Perhaps some of the profits came from unionbusting and closing factories. Foley opposes incentives to keep businesses in Connecticut but approves of tax breaks for millionaires. He engineered a textile manufacturer company in Georgia into bankruptcy in 1996, taking the profits while workers got the shaft.

Foley went to a private academy with Jeb Bush and is expected to support the candidacy of Jeb Bush, whose criminal activities in Florida suppressing the vote as well as did the 5 Republicans on the Supreme Court, stole the vote of the American people, more of whom voted for Gore than Bush, both in the country and in Florida.

The site below has some details of Foley's business dealings. He is a private equity fund manager.
Foley's connections to G H W Bush and family

 Google and Bing which regularly show mansions of Hollywood stars are censoring pictures of Foley's mansion in Connecticut.

Malloy's website has a video about Foley's tax breaks
Dan Malloy on the issues



An island disappears
Were there any human tears
for drowning flightless birds, trees,
raccoons, cats, dogs, and deer.

G W Bush friend Tom Foley who is running for governor of Connecticut decided without his neighbors' permission to dredge
around an island in a community lake. The island disappeared, a metaphor
for Foley's dictatorial destruction with Paul Bremer in Iraq.
"From August 2003 through March 2004, Foley served in Iraq as the Director of Private Sector Development for the Coalition Provisional Authority. Foley’s responsibilities included overseeing most of Iraq’s 192 state-owned enterprises, stimulating private sector growth, developing foreign trade and investment,[7] and overseeing three state Ministries" In Iraq Foley worked with Paul Bremer "czar" of Iraq in forbidding Iraqi farmers to use their own seeds and requiring them to use only Monsanto and other "approved" foreign seed companies.

Bremer's 100 orders: the rape of Iraq

the great Iraq heist See also:

the picture is an aerial photo of the island before it disappeared

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