Nestle's Robbing Nests

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1 The Nestle corporation of Switzerland, the world's largest food corporation, has been privatizing the world's water supplies, stealing their water from the people of the world and selling it back to them at outrageous prices.

2. It has been draining wetlands, the kidneys of the planet as well as the homes of many bird species.

3. Nestle's sells water under SEVENTY FOUR brand names. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Nestle chairman, actually stated "Access to water should not be a public right."

4. Nestle's continues to bottle water in plastic which contains the carcinogen BPA or bisphenol A rather than glass.


5.  Nestle markets many of its 74 brands of water as spring water.  There are no legal safeguards against the sale of any water as spring water. It can contain microorganisms like colon bacteria (ecoli) and liquid waste. It can have medication residue, disinfectants, organic and inorganic chemicals, radionuclides (radioactive molecules), toxic fertilizers, hormones given to trillions of livestock animals, salmonella, typhoid fever organisms, arsenic from goldmining, and thousands of other pollutants and poisons.


6. Nestle's is invested in human disease, animal agony and environmental destruction through its marketing of animal flesht and dairy products.  How many billions of animals has Nestle's killed, symbolized by the name of one of its brands... Tombstone Pizza.

7. Nestle's spent 1 million to fight GMO labeling in the state of Washington by illegally funneling money through the Grocery Manufacturers Association

8. Nestle's has been accused of causing labor organizer deaths in the Philippines


9. Nor is Nestle's recycling the plastic bottles which end up clogging landfills and creating islands of trash in the ocean.


Is access to water a public right?

Why boycott Nestle

Carcinogen in plastic bottles

Dangers of cows milk

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The Nestle monopoly: specific brands
74 Brands Under Which Nestle's Profiteers From Water No Longer Free

    Alaçam (Turkey)
    Al Manhal (Middle East)
    Aqua D'Or
    Aqua Mineral (Poland)
    Aqua Pod
    Aquarel (water)(Spain)
    Acqua Panna
    Aqua Spring (Greece)
    Arctic (Poland)
    Arrowhead (USA)
    Baraka (Egypt)
    Buxton (UK)
    Cachantun (Chile)
    Calistoga (USA)
    Carola (France)
    Ciego Montero (Cuba)
    Charmoise (Belgium)
    Contrex (France)
    Cristalp (Switzerland)
    Da Shan YunNan Spring (China)
    Dar Natury (Poland)
    Deep Spring (China)
    Deer Park (USA)
    Eco de los Andes (Argentine)

    Erikli (Turkey)
    Frische Brise (Germany)
    Fürst Bismarck (Germany)
    Gerber (Mexico)
    Ghadeer (Jordan)
    Glaciar (Argentina)
    Hépar (France)
    Hidden Spring (Philippines)
    Henniez (Switzerland)
    Ice Mountain (USA)
    Κorpi (Greece)
    La Vie (Vietnam)
    Levissima (Italy)
    Los Portales (Cuba)
    Minéré (Thailand)
    Montclair (Canada)
    Nałęczowianka (Poland)
    Nestlé Aquarel
    Pure Life/Pureza Vital/Vie Pure
    Nestlé Selda (Portugal)
    Nestlé Vera (Italy)
    Neuselters (Germany)
    Ozarka (USA)
    Pejo (Italy)

    Perrier (France)
    Petrópolis (Brazil)
    Plancoët (France)
    Poland Spring (USA)
    Porvenir (Chile)
    Quézac (France)
    Recoaro (Italy)
    Saint-Lambert (France)
    Sainte-Alix (France)
    San Bernardo (Italy)
    San Pellegrino (Italy)
    Santa Bárbara (Brazil)
    Santa Maria (Mexico)
    São Lourenço (Brazil)
    Sohat (Lebanon)
    Springs (Saudi Arabia)
    Theodora (Hungary)
    Valvert (Belgium)
    Viladrau (Spain)
    Vittel (France)
    Water Line (South Korea)
    Waterman (China)
    Zephyrhills (USA)

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