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Everyone from

pisces to aries

knows that


shouldn't be trusted

to mercenaries.


-saiom shriver-




Blackwater, the largest mercenary army in the world, owned by billionaire Erik Prince has changed its name to XE.... Prince has sold his entire stake to USTC Holdings an investor consortium led by private equity firms Forte Capital Advisors and Manhattan Partners.


Blackwater now called XE or Academi has sold its clandestine intelligence division to Monsanto.

Security giant G4S is the second-largest private employer on earth With more than 625,000 employees
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Blackwater faces warcrimes inquiries after killings in Iraq


Ex Blackwater mercenaries are working for SCG International and are trying to overthrow the govt. of Syria after working in Libya... a Julian Assange expose


Russian govt. says US Greystone mercenaries are posing as Ukrainian soldiers in the Eastern Ukraine.


A partial list of mercenary corporations


Why does Monsanto need an army of mercenaries?


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