Promote Peace, Prevent War, Protect All


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Those whose foreign handlers and billionaires
have involved our people in violent illegal wars which
kill and injure our people, animals, birds, trees etc.
as well as people and beings in other countries, which
hemorrhage money and exponentially multiply
our debt and reduce our currency value are
harming the real security of our country.

1. transportation systems.... bridges, subways, seaports,
airports, computers running them, fuel systems
and storage facilities
2. utility grids...physical plants, distribution systems
and computers
3. internet... protect from electromagnetic attack
as well as hackers and all governments
4. weather... from weather manipulation systems
5. space... protect from militarization by any country
6. satellites
7. all other communication systems: landlines, cell
phones, tv, radio, mail delivery etc.
8. water sources and delivery systems
9. food... all fruit and nut groves, vines, gardens
10. protect forests from fire (from arsonists, bombers,
weaponized balloons) (weather balloons in WW2 set
fires in forests of the Western US)
11. metals and other rare materials .... protect from
any one country's monopolization  (American soldiers
are guarding copper mines and railroads worked by the poor for
Chinese owners)

Chinese copper mines and railroad in Afghanistan

French intelligence prevented a Chicago subway attack by MI6 agents operating out of the Laidlaw building in Chicago.. Laidlaw is a British company which bought Greyhound.

Bin Laden near death in 2001.. had dialysis in MidEast, reported French intelligence

-saiom shriver-



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