Billionaire Banksters, Butchers and Burglars

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Loan shark capitalists
.. not 'survival of the fittest'
but survival of
the most vicious


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 Whether or not you believe that the 1426 billionaires (that number of all billionaires whose wealth is not hidden) have a right to wage war, profiteer from war and weapons, pricegouge, exploit the poor, kill animals and mother earth, bribe legislators, eliminate competitors through unethical means to amass fortune, may all who care contact these billionaires to ask that they begin supporting Tesla and other electric cars, mass transit systems, solar energy, vegan products and restaurants, etc.

The creation of billionaires has been furthered by the "Federal" Reserve which is presently creating 150 million dollars an hour which it gives to brokers to sell to the USG.  Brokers make tremendous profits.  The "Federal" Reserve is a bankster monopoly over interest rates and money supply in the US. It steals from every American by continuous reduction of the value of the dollar.

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation   biggest investor in McDonald's, 984.2 million or nearly 1 billion dollars in the world's biggest animal killer, disease spreader, unionbuster, environmental destroyer,

Amancia Ortega Spain  57 billion  Zara   Zara sells fur and leather  

Nelson Peltz  New York 1.1 billion  selling mammal flesh at Wendy's and Arby's  animal flesh fast food chains  His hedge fund has 83 million shares of Wendy's valued currently at 704 million dollars.  Insider Monkey: "Peltz made his name on Wall Street doing leveraged buyouts fueled by Michael Milken's junk bonds back in the 1980s."

Bill Ackman 1.2 billion New York According to our 13F database, Bill Ackman's Pershing Square hedge fund has 748.6 million invested in Burger King Worldwide Inc

 James Cargill, US  2.6 Billion owner of slaughterhouses
Cargill on its site calls its cow, pig, and turkey murder 'harvesting' and refers to unique individual animals
as 'head'  Millions of cows have been killed in their slaughterhouses

Austen Cargill   see above  2.6 billion

Marianne Leabmann 2.6 billion  the Cargill fortune

Chase Coleman  New York  1.2 billion His hedge fund Tiger Global Management LLC, has invested 140.5 million in Burger King stock

Liu Yonghao  China  pig flesh

Warren Buffett    US Omaha Nebraska  invested in Omaha Steaks

Charles Koch   US Oil industry environmental destruction

David Koch  US Oil industry environmental destruction

Liliane Bettencourt      L'Oreal  animal ingredients and animal testing

Christy Walton  US  37 billion  WalMart heir   Walmart sells mammal, bird and fish flesh, dairy  products,     destroys wetlands    sweatshop cruelty, unionbusting  

Jim Walton   33.5 billion  animal flesh sales, deforestation, wetlands violation  Left 17 billion by Sam Walton's outsourcing, sweat shop exploitation, etc.  Has inflated his fortune since.  The 6 Walton heirs are worth 144.7 billion while their employees are paid $8.80 an hour and advised on how to apply for food stamps

Alice Walton 33.5 billion   " " "  Walton competes in cutting competitions... 'cutting cattle from the herd"

S Robson Walton  "

Nancy Walton Laurie  4 billion

Ann Walton Kroenke 4.7 billion

Stefan Persson   Sweden   Hennes and Moritz   sells fur and leather

Michael Bloomberg   funder of animal research,  killed tens of thousands of Canadian geese

James Simons's Renaissance Technologies  12 billion US Setauket NY
7.4 million shares valued at 717 million dollars

Karl Albrecht  Germany   Aldi's  sales of mammal, bird, fish flesh and factory farm eggs, dairy   virtually no new vegan alternatives carried

Theo Albrecht Jr    Germany   Aldi's   mammal, bird, and fish flesh,  factory farm eggs

Sergey Brin   Google   meat ads...using Google Earth to help bomb people and animals/ animal flesh advertising   The people of the US unwillingly paid for the Stanford data compilation funded by the CIA and use of half of the bandwidth of Stanford University.

Larry Page   Google  animal flesh advertising

Michele Ferrero  Italy   factory farm dairy in his chocolates

David Thomson   Canada   deforesting newspapers like Globe and Mail..

Sherry Brydson 6.5 billion  an heir of the deforesting Thomson newspapers

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud    Saudi Arabia invested in animal habitat and environmentally destructive NewsCorp

Dieter Schwarz  Germany Lidl Stores   sales of animal, bird and fish flesh including an attempt to sell reindeer meat

Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez  Mexico   deforesting mining

Iris Fontbana  Chile   deforesting mining

Forrest Mars   funding of animal research, candy with animal bone powder (gelatin), eggs, milk

Jacqueline Mars    "

John Mars    "

Gina Rinehart  Australia  deforesting mining

German Larrea Mota Velasco   Mexico  deforesting mining

Mikhail Fridman  Russia  Oil  One of dozens who stole public assets in the 'privatization' of Russia arranged by G H W Bush, Harvard economists indicted for fraud and others.

Aliko Dangote Nigeria   sugar, oil   animals, birds, reptiles are burned before sugar cane is harvested

Len Blavatnik  UK   fur, La Moda (many mongers of bloody fur have taken to the internet to make picketing their stores impossible)

Aerin Lauder   Lauder Costmetics  animal research vivisection and animal ingredients in cosmetics

Jane Lauder same as above

Ken Fisher, Fisher Asset Management  2.3 billion  Has invested 518.8 million in McDonald's

Ken Griffin 4.4 billion Chicago Citadel Investment Group 5.1 million shares of McDonald's

Ric Dillon's Diamond Hill Capital has 1,315,249 shares, currently valued at 126, 540,000 in McDonald's

Leonid Mikhelson Russia 15 billion... another profiteer from the privatization of the wealth of the people of Russia     oil and gas

Viktor Vekselberg 15 billion   oil  another privatization profiteer at the expense of the people of Russia

Francois Pinault France  15 billion the leather of Gucci

JBS World's largest cow butcher company   Sao Paulo Brazil   Board of Directors

    Joesley Mendonça Batista.[7]
    Wesley Mendonça Batista.[7]
    José Batista Sobrinho.[7]
    José Batista, Jr..[7]
    Marcus Vinicius Pratini de Moraes.[7]
    Natalino Bertin.[7]
    Peter Dvorsak.[7]
    Valere Batista Mendonça Ramos.[7]
    Vanessa Mendonça Batista.[7]
    Guilherme Radolfo Laager.[7]
    Carlos Alberto Caser.[7]
    Umberto Conti.[7]


C Larry Pope of Smithfield, one of world's largest pig murder companies, is worth 16.6 million

The following are invested in the pig and cow slaughterhouses of Tyson's.", PEAK6 Capital Management, managed by Matthew Hulsizer, holds the most valuable position in Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE:TSN). PEAK6 Capital Management has a $1.191 billion position in the stock, comprising 4.5% of its 13F portfolio. Coming in second is
AQR Capital Management, managed by Cliff Asness, which held a $127.2 million position; 0.5% of its 13F portfolio is allocated to the stock. Other hedgies with similar optimism include Steven Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors, Peter Rathjens Bruce Clarke and John Campbell's Arrowstreet Capital and Michael Messner's Seminole Capital (Investment Mgmt).
Read more at"

Henry M Paulson, 700 million, as chairman of Goldman Sachs and Secretary of the US Treasury (Goldman Sachs seems to control the US Treasury), Paulson turned Nature Conservancy wildlife shrines into cattle ranches.

Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald, 45 million, gives to animal torture at the
 Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation at Rockefeller University, an institution which has many animal torture projects.


The Mormon Church has the nation's largest ranch breeding calves for slaughter, situated in Florida, and was given 2 million shares in Burger King by centimillionaire Mitt Romney.


J Kevin Kenney's Emerging Sovereign Hedge Fund has invested in Yum Foods (, Philip Morris tobacco, Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi, the vivisecting Procter and Gamble


"When looking at the hedgies we track, Robert Karr's Joho Capital had the largest position in Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE:YUM), worth close to $70.5 million, comprising 9.3% of its total 13F portfolio. On Joho Capital's heels is Columbus Circle Investors, managed by Donald Chiboucis, which held a $70.2 million position; 0.6% of its 13F portfolio is allocated to the company. Remaining peers that are bullish include Richard Chilton's Chilton Investment Company, Christopher R. Hansen's Valiant Capital and Phill Gross and Robert Atchinson's Adage Capital Management". 

D Robert Walter, a Director on the Board, acquired 20,000 company shares at an average price of $66.0858 (the transaction was actually executed in multiple trades at prices ranging from $66.02 to $66.12). The transaction totaled more than $1,321,700, and leaves Mr. Walter’s holdings at 108,301 shares, valued at $7.2 million.


Lowe's, sellers of cruel suffocating glue mouse traps, destroys animal habitat
and animals smashed when trees are cut down. It now has its clerks
aggressively collecting money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

ACREAGE YIELD   Loan shark capitalists don't like prolific free systems. They prefer animal flesh yielding 100 to 1000 pounds and acre (cow flesh) to fruit and nut trees yielding as high as 450,000 pounds an acre.


Hiroshi Yamauchi of Nintendo  13 examples of horrific cruelty in Nintendo games


Hong Kong's 50 richest

African billionaires

America's youngest billionaires

Russian billionaires profiteering from the CIA destabilization of Russia

Jewish decabillionaires

Forbes Israel list of 165 Jewish billionaires

Who are invested in the world's biggest mammal killer

Hedge Funds Dumping Burger King worldwide

Donald Tyson, major butcher of cows and pigs, died at age 80 

J P Morgan Chase .. settles a paltry 13 billion for its role in the evictions of millions



Footnote: Michael Dell, worth 15.3 billion, could use his influence in Texas to stop the serial murder of prisoners by the Texas prison system and governor.



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