Animal Rights



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Do butchers become cows

and cows become human beings?

Does God keep a tally

of the number of animals killed?


From the abbatoirs of the Loire

to the killing fields

of Smithfield

slaughtering animals has

more turnover than any other job.


Men hate inflicting on animals


hearing their shrieks

It's all so insane.

-saiom shriver-





Footnote: A UFCW union steward has said that most worker accidents occur in slaughterhouses.
Workers are kicked, bitten, and scratched in the head by terrified animals fighting for their lives unsuccessfully. 
Contract ear problems from the screaming and shrieking of the animals, 
Have problems with bones in relation to the cold storage rooms. 
Cuts from the metal machinery, running into computer line knives. 
Alcoholism and drug use from trying to deal with the animals' suffering they are constantly absorbing. 
The reduction of OSHA staff and the use of illegal aliens to fill these jobs, some of the most unpopular in the industry, intrinsically means more accidents. 
Electrocution from machinery near liquid secretions. 
In slaughterhouses where pig flesh is scalded, there are frequent burns. 
Open grease pits for blood, grease, feces, urine are traps for tired employees. 
There is ligament tearing in the back, shoulders, and arms from the lifting of 100 lb. or several hundred lb. carcasses. 
Carpal tunnel is a frequent complaint of meat cutters. 
As a 1980's administration doubled the legal speed of the line, there is a consequent increase in accidents. 
The deregulation of some slaughterhouses has meant less trained personnel. 
In fish slaughter, there are also bites, scratches, hook accidents, fishing line accidents, drownings and other trauma. 
Prevention of contracting the animals' diseases in contact with slaughterhouse fluids (blood, feces, urine, vomit). 
Slip and fracture themselves on blood, urine, vomit and feces soaked floors, 
Lung problems from constant exposure to feather dust (A Japanese movie shown on Bravo is a tale of peach trees cut down as their spirits speak to children.). 




2 of the groups which distribute the most food charity in the world are the Seventh Day Adventists with vegan meals and the Hare Krishnas of Iskcon who have distributed hundreds of millions of vegetarian meals since their founding.


A picture of the mansion donated by vegetarian beatle George Harrison who like Paul McCartney still.... practiced a vegetarian diet and wanted to support Hare Krishna free meal distribution.


Those who are aware of the brutality of factory farms in the US, UK and elsewhere hope that the Hare Krishnas will become vegan.
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