National Public Radio Cruelty To Animals

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The more the average animal flesh consumption in the world plummets, the more desperate

NPR (there is nothing public about "Public" radio) is to promote its fast food stock. CEO Gary Knell continues to toll the animals' funeral knell.

1. 200 million in fast food stock is controlled by NPR which somehow creates ads within news stories and the muzzling of the truth about the disease, agony,
energy waste and environmental destruction of the animal flesh industry
2. Science Friday and Pulse Of The Planet, funded by the National
Science Foundation:  programs and foundations promoting vivisection (torture of animals in labs) carried on NPR
3. The Splendid Table.. a promotion of bloody cadaver food carried
on Minnesota Public Radio
4. The bombing of animals birds, fishes, reptiles, butterflies
plants... in the wars NPR promotes

5. For four months, NPR has forcefed its audience"Global Grill" featuring the carcinogenic

benzopyrene products of charcoal barbecues and the flesh of baby cows and lambs.

Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit was featured.   Criminal human appetite hides the

murder evidence, bite by bloody bite.

6. Elizabeth Blair and NPR shilled for fish suffocation in August with a story on the

Honeoye Public Library near Rochester, N.Y. which gives out fishing poles ostensibly to get

more people into their library, and to promote the several cancers correlated to eating fish cadavers.

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