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National Public Radio started out as a decentralized network of locally run college radio stations. It is now the voice of corporate and military imperialism.

NPR's pattern since Kevin Klose of Radio Free Europe was crowbarred into power during Desert Storm from his propaganda post has been to publicize and amplify Pentagon press releases and stifle the voices of 89% of Americans who oppose these murderous illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in which innocents and soldiers are killed or maimed, all for territorial aspirations, religious hatred, and war profiteering.

NPR also muzzles news of federal and state executions, letting the cold premeditated murder of judges with their gavels and pens go forward unremarked.  The US is one of 12% of the world's over 200 countries involved in the barbarism of government murder.

NPR hides third party candidacies. Gary Johnson, Libertarian who has already taken over 5% of the vote and who is on 50 state ballots was twice governor of New Mexico, advocates an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, a 43% cut in military spending, decriminalization of pot etc.

With its 200 million dollars in fast food stock, NPR continues to promote the animal agony, human disease, global heating, energy waste, and economic cost of the meat industry.


On July 16, 2012

NPR's Morning Edition promoted rodeo for several minutes, perhaps to attempt to defuse animal rights outrage at Romney's decision to keep rodeo in the Salt Lake City Olympics.  Rodeo breaks the necks, spines, and legs of bulls, calves, horses and cowboys.

WKSU, which has totally excluded the students who founded it from its programming, continued its animal abuse today, promoting  the electroshocking of bats being done at by Dr. Jeff Wenstrup and others at the Northeast Ohio Medical University.

One bat screamed as he or she was electroshocked by Wenstrup with Jeff St Clair of  WKSU’s Exploradio promotion.  Is Dr. James F. Battey, Jr. head of NIH's National Institute On Deafness the man who approved this animal torture?

Citizens of the US are involuntarily being taxed for this torture through NIH

Perhaps 3 times a week, the press releases of henhawk Hillary Clinton are covered. On the 16th, her visit to Israel and snubbing of Palestine was given air time.

July 18, 2012

The loanshark vulture capitalists of The Economist frequently provide guests for NPR. Today's was advocating fracking and shale drilling.

Rupert Murdoch's Wall St Journal continues to be promoted.

The Week of July 22nd:

Sean Carberry, NPR's Afghanistan reporter, lied in blaming most civilian deaths on the freedom fighters working to drive out foreign armies.   A few weeks earlier, Dexter Philkins continued the militarists' rationalization in the past for many wars: that leaving would cause civil war. Philkins has been a frequent guest of Terry Gross on Fresh Air as well as a guest of NPR news.  NPR continued to call the freedom fighters of Afghanistan, a country in which many empires' soldiers are buried, 'insurgents'.

On July 27th, Linda Wertheimer had several minutes of news as commercial for the Chinese outlets of NPR's 200 million dollars of stock in a particular fast food chain. In additions there were commercials disguised as news for the world's largest restaurant conglomerate, Yum Restaurants and 2 of its chains, Pizza Hut and KFC., as well as Starbucks.

And on the 27th, NPR attempted to diminish the seriousness of the drought. It is incorrect to say this is the hottest weather in decades. It is the hottest weather in the history of the US.

To complain call Ellen McDonnell—Executive Producer, Morning Edition 202 513 2000

Re Renee Montagne, anchor: When someone like Renee Montagne always promotes the Pentagon point of view, her voice becomes associated with the lies and violence of war.

Animals' Angels is the picture source

*NPR continues to use the discredited Gallup Poll, a public relations firm for warmongers disguised as a pollster. NPR could instead use John Zogby

On Aug 14, NPR reported that Romney was making 3 campaign stops in Ohio, failing to mention that they were in Zanesville, Grove City, and Chilicothe, as Romney continues to avoid large population centers.

On Aug 14, Talk Of The Nation had a Federal Election Commission topic for callers, but disallowed questions on the 90% of 'voting machine' companies owned by Republicans.

On Aug 22,

a. NPR did a story on the pschology of independent voters, giving only 3 options in its story... Democrats, Republicans and Independents. NPR continues to ignore the campaigns of Libertarian Gary Johnson, Socialists, Greens, and other third party candidacies.

b. NPR daily tells  the audience where Romney, Obama, and Ryan will be... but not Joe Biden, a powerful advocate for the people.

c. NPR covers judicial decisions rarely mentioning the judge's name, so as not to focus on the plutocracy of appellate and Supreme courts which constantly trump democracy.

d. NPR discussed the alleged theft of Nigeria's oil by the government of Nigeria, without mentioning that Shell Oil has been stealing Nigerian Oil for decades. NPR neglected to mention Shell's name at all. Shell is the company which caused the murder by hanging of  8 environmental activists including Saro-Wiwa.

WEEK Of Aug 26

An NPR reporter fallaciously stated that Ron Paul had won no primaries or caucuses. In reality, he won many.

On Sept 12th

Ellen McDonnell's Morning Edition chose to give a free commercial to the Republican candidate for the Massachusetts Senate seat of Edward M Kennedy.

Corey Flintoff, Russophobic NPR's Russophobic Moscow correspondent, said on Sept 12th that Putin's and Obama's desires to reduce nuclear warheads is in effect an obsolete cold war issue.  On the contrary, it is a real and current issue.

Flintoff prevaricated in saying that Putin would prefer Romney as president.

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