Gentle Bhutanese





The gentlest people on earth...
the Bhutanese......
Karma Tamang came
to the US with his wife
and 3 children in 2010
after being 18 years in
a Bhutanese refugee camp
where they
had no electricity
or heat... until
a white gang requiring
their members to murder
in order to be initiated
.. ended Tamang's life.


saiom shriver-


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A resident of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, a member of a white gang, killied Karma Tamang

in a gang initiation.

By Ed Meyer
Beacon Journal staff writer

Bishnu Tamang spent 18 years in a Bhutanese refugee camp.
No electricity. No heat. Little to eat. While there she married her husband, Karma. About three years ago, the couple and her three children escaped the squalor and emigrated to America, settling among a small circle of fellow Bhutanese in the North Hill area of Akron.
They dreamed of great things for their family.

On Wednesday, an emotional Bishnu Tamang confronted the Akron gang member who ended those hopes when he senselessly took Karma from her life almost exactly a year ago.

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