Detian Falls





Like a three tiered

wedding cake

which preludes

a flowing together

of two lives

is the call

of Detian Falls.


saiom shriver




On that Wenceslaus Day
.. they were wed.
On that Wednesday
.. they were we'd.


Saiom Shriver


The following are links re the work of SNS

through pg 17

calf mouthblocks, capistrano swallows, chincoteague horses, demolition cruelty

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*  world's 26 biggest food cos. nestle 1 pepsi 2  5 gop private citizens became president thru treason  oprah's animal rights needs improvement usda withholds names of turkey cos spreading salmonella  mike espy v cattle rancher cindy hyde-smith

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*  8 execution gov candidates   pg 13 as of 1 30 19  3 thieves of the 2000 presidential election  bolton stone and kavanaugh  now work for trump cruel arrogant violent john bolton  trump disaster for animals as well as people  create mercy in tenn

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*  cbs 37
feinstein  Google  fish cant scream  oregon nation's biggest tree killer  trump increased deficit by 4 to 5 trillion  15 reasons not to ax xmas trees  oprah stop selling animal pieces

*********************************************************************************  most complete text and image for vax as of 21319eve  24 senators to remove  53 ways military harm animals  abolition news  animals birds burning alive alberta evacuation 52 AR Poems
       *       jeff bezos  12 not publicized enough fats  cbs 37       ESS admits to lying about its voting machines  famous veg        feinstein insider trader, war profiteer

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