The Mightiest Rivers



The mightiest rivers
begin as a pooling of dew,
a melting of snowflakes,
a gathering of raindrops
which grace the grass
as they begin
their majestic march.
Down the mountain
and past the marsh
they flow to the sea.


Saiom Shriver


19 quotes by Michael Ondaatje, Canadian Poet and author of The English Patient


 “new lovers smash everything... for the heart is an organ of fire.” - (in The English Patient)


All I ever wanted was a world without maps.


We all have an old knot in the heart we wish to untie.


We forgive everything of a lover


How does this happen? To fall in love and be disassembled.


She.. who laughs at everyone who smiles at her


For the first forty days a child is given dreams of previous lives. Journeys, winding paths, a hundred small lessons and then the past is erased.


A novel is a mirror walking down a road


What is interesting and important happens mostly in secret, in places where there is no power.


For echo is the soul of the voice exciting itself in hollow places.


Death means you are in the third person.


We are expanded by tears, we are told, not reduced by them.


A blind lover, (I) don't know what I love till I write it out  


Here. Where I am anonymous and alone in a white room with no history and no parading. So I can make something unknown in the shape of this room. Where I am King of Corners.


the desert, where there is the communal book of moonlight. We were among the rumour of wells. In the palace of winds.


  Fathers die.You keep on loving them in any way you can.You can't hide him away in your heart.


When we are searching for something we no longer have we see it everywhere


 The stars are so untidy. I was trying to rearrange them. 


Every river they came to was bridge-less, as if its name had been erased,

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