Present Dharma Is Past Karma


Many know a very effective woman, a vegan animal rights activist. What

few know is that in another life she was a male officer in the invading

British army who ridiculed Indian vegetarianism and ahimsa

and was responsible for advancing animal eating in the country.


There is another vegan animal rights activist, who in a previous life taught erroneously that animals had no souls.


Still other animal rights activists and vegans, some of them, were owners of big slaughterhouses or of fishing fleets, or organized safaris, or trapped animals and were furmongers etc.

The way back for us is to turn around from the errors of previous lives.

Past karma is present dharma.

God gives us all an opportunity to make an infinitesimal

amount of the amends we owe to all creation.  God forgives us all and decides on an individual basis how much karma we owe.

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Looks like I will be a vegan, animal rights activist in my next life. Stephen