Sunset At The Slaughterhouse



It is sunset and at the slaughterhouse

the screams have stopped. Their echoes

can be heard only by the psychic.

Most of the blood and terror-dumped

animal feces have been mopped up. Some remains

in the cracks and crevices.

Now the e coli ridden cadavers of the murdered mammals

are being subdivided elsewhere... and shipped

in iffy temperatures in trains and trucks

to warehouses, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Diners eat the decaying flesh whose fat clogs

the arteries, whose hormones cause cancer,

whose adrenaline invisibly creates anger in

the consumers, whose uric acid makes their bodies rigid,

while the homocysteine becomes Alzheimer's amyloid

plaque in the brain.

God all beings indwells

waiting to empower dietary change


divine will.


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