7 Points Of View On Pro Choice And Anti Abortion Issues


Driving past
the antiabortion vigil
we see the sign
.. 'adoption:
the loving option'.
Inside doctors
perform abortions
and into pieces
the fetus apportion.

Many oppose the

domineering congressional
judicial and cleric males
who think they have the right
to criminalize
the control of their own
bodies by sovereign females.


The most extreme

to many seem

the male clerics who

tell women with 8 children

who are in poverty or face

lethal pregnancy odds such

as placental abruption

that contraception is a sin.


Then there are those whose

marriages or relationships might

break up if an infertile male found

his partner pregnant.


Beyond the absolutists in the

prochoice and antiabortion camps

are those who

a. oppose any abortion after the

first fetal heart beat at 6 weeks

b. those who support first trimester

abortion only

c. those who support ftirst and second

trimester abortions

d. those who would allow abortions

only in cases of rape and incest.

One woman who after having 3 abortions

went to a spiritual counselor who knew nothing

of her

after having 3 abortions was told

"I see a soul who has knocked on your door 3 times.

The fourth time you will let him in." The woman

burst into tears. In her belief she had not killed but only

delayed the entrance of a soul into human birth.

We are told by Starseed Transmissions' amanuensis

that no one has enough data to assign value to any action. We are told that no one but God has the right to judge another's actions.


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