Chicken Stories



 30,000 baby chicks
 were sent through a San Diego
 factory farm chipper
 by workers too tired to continue
 individual strangling.
 The chipper became a chicker

 In Connecticut, Michael Ross
 who strangled 8 women was
 .. his history included as a 6 year old
 boy being required to strangle baby
 chicks on his father's poultry farm

 At a factory farm in Croton,
 after nine days without food or water,
 one half million chickens were bulldozed
 alive into graves after a tornado
 destroyed their metal shed and mangled
 their cages..

 In Arkansas, a million chickens
 died as the electricity went out
 and the metal sheds become
 140 degree ovens. Whenever
 electricity goes out, deaths from
 freezing or baking occur to the
 helpless birds.

 Senator Russ Feingold joined Senators
 Harkin and Grassley, successfully
 removed minimal animal protection
 for chickens, so that baby chicks
 were classified as mail, crushed,
 baked, frozen, dying of thirst on loading docks.

 Mercy For Animals has
 a video of baby chicks
 sent alive down a conveyor
 belt to be crushed into paste.

 Cars are lined up behind
 a chicken truck.. chickens
 crammed into crates
 their broken necks and wings
 flapping in the wind.

 Factory farms
 buy older laying
 Every egg represents
 32 hours the mother
 was held captive in a cage.


 In North Carolina and factory
 farms around the world,
 these concentration camps
 dump animal waste and
 insecticides into the
 world's waters.

 Chickens are fed back
 the boiled feathers of
 their slaughtered sisters.

 Chickens are fed
 as elsewhere.. the
 waste of animals
 mixed in with grain.
 It is called wastelage.

 An EPA worker sank neck
 deep into quicksand like chicken
 waste. Her life was saved
 as she grabbed onto pipes overhead.

 Chickens are debeaked
 so that they will not peck
 each other to death from
 the overcrowding.. sometimes
 catches the chicken's tongue
 in the debeaker.

 At some factory farms
 an eviscerator is used.
 It is a bin of swirling knives
 into which baby boy chicks,
 redundant, are sent.

 In Petaluma
 Chickens live their entire
 lives without spreading
 their wings.. or taking
 a stretch.

 Every egg requires 120 gallons
 of production water.

 Every egg served in a hospital
 is 275 mg to 300 mg of

 Fixing eggs for her family
 a housewife sees a skillet
 full of beaks, claws,
 and blood.. from fertilized

 Eggs amount for nearly half
 of food poisoning fatalities

 Chickens are given cattle
 parts..a practice which generates
 Mad Chicken Disease.

 Chickens pass on cancer
 .. leukemia.. it is called
 leukosis by human chauvinists
 when a chicken has it

 An old man lies in pain
 with arthritis, as uric
 acid or trioxypurine from
 a chicken's flesh has
 crystallized around his joints
 in needle formation

 Flies process the biblical
 plague of chicken waste
 in factory farms.

 Forced molting causes
 many chickens to die
 of exposure to the cold.

 The use of female hormones
 in the food and the
 constant stress from living
 in 24 hour a day light
 and crowding.. create cervical, breast,
 uterine, ovarian and prostate cancers

 Easter chicks for protection
 are ignorantly taken to
 the zoo.. and are fed
 behind the scenes to snakes

 Ronald Reagan passed legislation
 to double the speed of slaughterhouse
 lines.. dead chickens whiz past

 The USDA records a fraction of
 food poisonings,97% of which
 are caused by animal products

 Fish in rivers and lakes
 show sexual deformities
 as factory farm urine containing
 female hormones pervades waters.

 and 3 other states shut down chicken
 slaughterhouses in latter 2003
 because of declining command.


Frank Perdue had a pet chick.
When he was 6, his father made
him kill his pet. He would grow
up after this programming to kill billions of birds.

 As a young girl begins to bite
 into a chicken sandwich her mother
 is forcing her to eat, a rooster
 crows. She puts down the sandwich
 and never eats a chicken again.


Nearly 3 million chickens in barn fires

burned to death

or died of smoke installation or falling

objects between 2013 and 2017. Millions

more died of freezing or baking in metal

sheds during power outages. Millions

more were crushed in storms.

 Power outages cause
 chickens in winter
 to freeze to death
 in their metal death boxes.

 A woman neighbor to a factory
 farm said the chickens she
 raised used to sing when
 they were given fresh straw.
 The chickens she lives near
 she says.. never sing.

 A man is barred from
 farming because workers
 in his chicken factory farm
 nearly died from his illegal
 use of nicotine insecticide
 and because of his cruelty to


 Chinese government
 worked to double egg production
 which required the grain of
 18 countries.
The following is from Mercy For Animals
In November 2004, Mercy For Animals investigators went behind the closed
doors of Ohio Fresh Eggs, formerly Buckeye Egg Farm, in Croton, Ohio and emerged
with shocking video and photographs that revealed the typical conditions inside
a battery cage facility.
MFA investigators discovered:
Hens with broken, damaged, and feces-covered feathers packed into battery
cages so small they cannot spread their wings.
Hens whose beaks had been painfully seared off with a hot blade.
Hens suffering from bloody open wounds and untreated growths and infections.
Hens who had become immobilized without access to water when their wings,
head, neck, or feathers became trapped in the wire of the cage.
Corpses left to rot in cages with birds still producing eggs for human
A hen with the skin of her neck pierced by a piece of sharp wire on the top
of her cage. The hen's skin is shown slowly ripping off as the other hens jostle
against her.
A live hen in a trash can, left to die among carcasses.
The cruel conditions uncovered at Ohio Fresh
Eggs are, sadly, all too common. Over a dozen undercover investigations at egg
farms in Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, and New Jersey have all uncovered similar
abuses. These facilities are not "bad apples", but rather they represent
accepted practices within the egg industry.
Ending institutionalized animal abuse is as simple as adopting a vegan diet"


fter 9 Days With No Food Or Water, The Remaining Living Chickens Were Buried Alive

When Anton Pohlmann was barred from factory farming in Germany because of animal cruelty and because workers nearly died from his nicotinic insecticide, Ohio Republican governor George Voinovich rolled out a red carpet , inviting him to cage chickens in Ohio.

In September of 2000, a tornado hit one of Pohlmann's Buckeye factory farms in Croton Ohio . the metal sheds blowing off roofs. The caged chickens (several to a 1 ft by 3 ft cage) were without food or water for 9 days. Some who were molting (shedding feathers) froze to death. Those remaining alive, hundreds of thousands, were bulldozed into graves.

UPC and other chicken rescue groups worked hard to rescue the birds. Those present in rescue efforts were ordered off the property before the bulldozing began.

Chickens off roast to death in summer heat when electricity goes out in their metal sheds. They often freeze to death in winter with outages. They are debeaked so that they will not peck each other from the stress of overcrowding. Their claws sometimes grow around the cage mesh, further imprisoning them.

Electrical outages happen frequently in the many factory farm states. What happened in Croton Ohio has happened many places with variations. But the corporate media who make billions a year from animal flesh, fish flesh, egg and dariy ads, who run dozens of cooking shows promoting those products, do not consider animal casualties at factory farms worthy of mention.

Factory farms generate millions of flies, nature's garbage removers. One Ohio EPA official sank up to her neck in the quicksand like chicken waste, her life saved by grabbing onto pipes overhead. Neighbors who sued Pohlmann because of the flies won a settlement but Pohlmann, like many other high finance operators, declared bankruptcy.

Ohio Wesleyan students researched and found alarming levels of salmonella in the streams near to Croton.

Ralph Nader's Ohio Public Citizen found that Buckeye which has had at least 2 name changes since...(Agrigeneral and Ohio Fresh Egg) was selling 6 month old eggs. Others reported the use of child labor.

Art Margolis: Every factory farm egg comes from a chicken confined in a cage for an average 32 hours. It takes 120 gallons of production water and is an average 250 to 300 mg of cholesterol (animal fat).

Eggs account for nearly 1/2 of all food poisoning fatalities annually. They make vaccines even more toxic. They often transmit campylobacter, listeria, etc.

Things are not better under the animal agriculture oriented Republican governor, John Kasich, who used the taxes of all Ohioans to train the children of the 4% of Ohioans who are hunters how to kill animals with guns, traps, and bows and arrows.


There are millions of vegan recipes online for cooking pastries etc without eggs.

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