Ebola Litany



1  US Army refused to promise Germany that ebola samples would not be weaponized


Why would Germany want such a promise?  Dr Leonard Horowitz reported that the CIA gave Battelle of Tennessee and Ohio 1 billion dollars to weaponize anthrax.


What is the advantage of weaponized ebola to those who wish to depopulate Africa?

Unlike normal ebola, weaponized ebola can be airborn and can target specific populations.

2  American soldiers sent to Liberia to quarantine Liberians at gunpoint


3  Why have none of the Americans exposed this year to ebola died... while many Africans have?

4  Carl Zimmer, New York Times  http://nytimes.com

"Unlike ebola the influenza virus is truly airborne. And if recent history is any guide, it will kill thousands in the coming months."

5  Ebola In Context

Perhaps 56 million of the world's 7.2 billion people will die this year.  Of that number over half die of diseases caused by animal flesh: heart disease, strokes, embolisms, dozens of kinds of cancers, kidney disease, food poisoning, arthritis, Lou Gehrig's disease, etc. etc.

What are the World Health Organization and Centers For Disease Control doing to educate the public about the dangers of animal and fish flesh, eggs and dairy?  NOTHING

6 The original cause of ebola is the eating of primate meat


Why West Africans keep hunting and eating bush meat despite Ebola concerns

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