The Highway Of Death


The US Govt under Reagan-Bush supported Saddam Hussein with arms when Iraq fought Iran. When that war was over, G H W Bush ordered slant drilling from Kuwait into Iraq to provoke Saddam and sent April Glaspie to tell Saddam that the US (Bush) would take no action against Iraq re Kuwait Hussein made the mistake of believing the word of Bush and invaded Kuwait. Kuwait historically was part of Iraq. When the Ottoman empire broke up, an Anglo Iranian oil co (BP now) operative created Kuwait by drawing lines around the richest oil deposit area of Iraq. Agatha Christie opposed the British empire's oil policies  and inserted her opinions at least twice in stories. The empire had  recruited petropuppets and installied them on hastily constructed thrones. The result of the slant drilling and Bush emissary April Glaspie was Desert Storm and

the Highway of Death in which hundreds of thousands of fleeing refugees (elders children donkeys and dogs included)

 were carpetbombed by McCaffrey and Schwarkopf and bulldozed into graves.

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