Oprah Please Stop Selling Dead Animal Pieces

Only when food is vegan
dear Oprah Winfrey
do all win 
are all free
We remember Oprah Winfrey's words "I'll never eat another burger." after listening to Howard Lyman document widespread Mad Cow in the US, the news of which was suppressed by the CDC, FDA, etc. Winfrey & Lyman were sued by Amarillo cattlemen twice but won both times in the 5th Circuit which ruled the truth is not libelous. Now Oprah has ads for pepperoni pizza. Both cows & pigs are murdered for pepperoni. Oprah's causing animal agony, cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer's, obesity, strokes, food poisoning etc, global climate extremes, and energy waste.
It doesn't help the hungry to feed them poisonous food. Meat is an addiction. It contains pre-urine or uric acid which would have been expelled had the animal lived. Uric acid is trioypurine, stronger than caffeine which is dioxypurine.

Meat, mammal and bird flesh, comes from the hideous suffering of animals who were murdered. It is the least efficient of all foods, yielding 100 to 1000 pounds of food per acre in comparison to the most efficient, tree products, which when allowed to live to an old age, yield 2 tons or more of food or 450,000 lbs per acre. Meateaters contract cancers, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer's, food poisoning, kidney disease. Cattle ranches hasten climate extremes of drought, fire, baking summers and freezing winters.
Originally the Salvation Army's vegetarian founders fed only vegetarian food to people in need. 
As more become aware of the suffering of factory farming and the dairy industry, it is obvious that only serving vegan 
food causes no animal suffering. The Seventh Day Adventists do only vegan charity. If you know other charities which do only vegan charity please post them.

Vegans subsidize the health care of nonvegetarians and dairy vegetarians who contract many diseases.
The Hare Krishnas (Iskcon) do vegetarian charity, but in the US were using milk from operations which slaughtered the dairy cows eventually.
To contact Oprah
General Bramwell Booth on 16 reasons he and his 2 parents became vegetarian.
(Japan runs its own tests for Mad Cow on US meat since the US does not.)
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I will buy a hungry man a burger in a heartbeat and Jesus will love me for it.  Stephen

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On Oprah's favorite things list not once but twice:

Greenburg's Smoked Turkeys from my home town, Tyler, Texas.