Waiting In The Wings




Caterpillars waited for woven wings

to help them rise from earth.

Some humans waited on the wings

for rescue boats' miracle berth.

Others waited in the wings

for parents granting human birth.

saiom shriver

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Thank you to Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the 1250 first responders, Clint Eastwood Tom Hanks and all who created the miracle of a plane's landing on the Hudson River without loss of life and the recounting of it.

Captain Sullenberger saved 155 human lives when a flock of birds were sucked into both of his airbus engines and he made a forced landing on the Hudson River. Because of his amazing skill and experience everyone survived. The passengers waited on the wings of the plane as 1250

first responders in ferry boats and helicopters  saved them.

 saiom shriver

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