A Forty Cent Investment


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In the 70's she spent

4 dimes on 4 phone calls

from a public payphone

to Associated Press, United Press

International, the Washington Post

and Washington Star Dictation


To each she dictated a press release

of 1 paragraph, about the masochism

of Charlie The Tuna Fish who wants

to be impaled on a hook so that

he can be consumed.  (This ad is

similar to "I'd Love To Be An Oscar

Mayer Wiener").  It went onto both

international wire services. Johnny

Carson, an avid newspaper reader,

used it in his monologue.


Millions of dollars in free advertising

of an idea at the cost of 40 cents.


Rick Corbin quoted Robert Schuler:

Anyone can count the apples in a seed.

Only God can count the seeds in an apple.

-saiom shriver-





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