From Worst Foe To Greatest Benefactor


The murder victim
came in a dream
to the man who had
killed him
and said

"You in the play of
my life the most evil actor

have become my greatest
Thank you so much
for releasing me
from the central jail
of the body... to
the infinite love,
peace, power and joy
of total oneness
with all".
Footnote: Neem Karoli
Baba a self realized master
about whom Ram
Dass wrote the book Miracle Of Love
referred to the body as central jail.
Before he became Ram Dass, the man
was Richard Alpert, the first professor
ever fired by Harvard for working
with Timothy Leary on LSD research.
Julia Roberts is one of millions of Neem
Karoi Baba's (Maharaji's) followers.

saiom shriver

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