John Bolton's Lies Started The Iraq War


It was said that Helen's face

launched  a thousand ships.

John Bolton's yellow cake lies

let peace away slip.


Footnote: It was John Bolston

who wrote the lies claiming

Saddam Hussein was building WMD's

which G W Bush used to

invade Iraq.



John Bolton projects hate and love of violence onto the peaceful socialist countries of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. The CIA tried 638 times to murder Fidel Castro (God-protected), destabilized Venezuela plunging millions into poverty for the sin (according to the petroplutocracy) of selling gas to Venezuela citizens for 3 cents a gallon, and secretly attacked Nicaragua. As the UN General Assembly is calling for an end to US

sanctions against Cuba, Bolton wants further to punish the country which gives its people 100% free health care, has achieved 100% literacy, and has a peaceful foreign policy.

Bolton is a special category of chickenhawk who chose not to go to Vietnam but to remain in the safe National Guard.

Bolton is known for lies and for arrogant cruelty to his subordinates. Bolton tried but failed in the Reagan regime to get Bork onto Supreme Court  He later went to the American Enterprise Institute, which promotes loanshark capitalism. Next in 2000 he like Brett Kavanaugh conspired to rob the people of the US of the election of VP Al Gore. While Kavanaugh was working with rent a mobs, Bolton oversaw the counting of paper ballots in Palm Beach.

Bolton wrote the State Dept attack on Saddam Hussein with its deliberate lies about yellow cake in Iraq which G W Bush used for the heinous invasion of Iraq. When Bush nominated Bolton, who had backstabbed Powell, to be his ambassador to the UN many in the State Dept and intelligence were queued to testify against his nomination.  Like Kavanaugh who was turned down by the Senate when first nominated to be a federal judge, Bolton was turned down by senators  but G W Bush sidestepped the Senate with a recess appointment in August.  Democrats testified before Congress about his abuse of those who worked for him.  This same cruelty had caused his law firm to deny him a partnership. In 2002, Bolton had prepared a speech charging that Cuba had a secret biological weapons program Another projecting prevarication from a man aware that the USDA at Plum Island NY was involved in biological weapons as well as the CIA's development of weaponized anthrax in a billion $ contract with Battelle and 4000 victim primates from Ft Meade. . It was another criminal lie. Carl Ford said Bolton was  a “kick-down, kiss-up” kind of guy.

Before becoming part of another illegitimate White House resident's team, Bolton was paid by the Rupert Murdoch organization. May US citizens force Bolton's resignation



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