Changing The UN Security Council


As the US is the only alleged democracy to have in its highest court
unelected  judges serving for life and a Senate which gives 600,000
Wyoming citizens who have 1.5% of the population of 40,000,000
Californians the same 2 votes, so the unelected United Nations Security Council which gives permanent seats to France's 67 million people and the UK's 66 million but has no representation for the 1.2 billion people of India makes the UN an oligarchy, not a democracy.

It is time to end the post WW2 Security Council made up of the war's victors. A permanent Security Council giving Europe, Greenland, Iceland 1 vote, Africa 1 vote, S America 1 vote, Central & N. America 1 vote, China and N Korea 1 vote, India 1 vote, Russia, Australia, Japan and the rest of Asia 1 vote would be more equitable and could be adjusted to make population numbers equal, with perhaps 2 more votes added.

saiom shriver

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