For Whom The Crosses


    The Catholic churchyard was
    full of white crosses and had
    the sign "Pray to end abortions".

    Did they mean the aborted lives
    of children, adults and animals
    killed in war? the prisoners' lives
    aborted by state murder (execution)?
    the lives of mammals, birds, fishes
    etc. aborted in slaughterhouses,
    by hunters, fishers?

    Does the Creator revere only
    the created humans? or all
    David O'Steen, one time head of National
    Right To Life: In order to be consistently
    prolife, I became a vegetarian.


    Francis Cardinal Spelling was in league
    with those who waged war against the Vietnamese. (Ho Chi Minh
    had petitioned Woodrow Wilson to help the Vietnamese free
    themselves from the heavy French presence). The
    tendency of US bishops to be silent
    about war was increased. They sold out the people of Iraq,
    Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya etc bargaining with Bush 1 and
    Bush 2 who put 'prolife' war ratifying executioners on the Supreme Court.


    When a priest in New Hampshire pray that the sacredness of
    all human life be affirmed, an attender in the back pew
    stood up and said 'all life, not just human life, is sacred'.


-saiom shriver-

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Stephen's picture

I resent this poem.

I went to jail in an attempt yo save unborns from murder.  I actually saved two unborn lives.  Stephen