Trophy Hunters


Trophy hunters have a bloodlust

  to kill. Some love inflicting pain.

First they stalk the terrorized animals.

Then they kill them, often not with

   bullets but much more painful

   bows and arrows.

Next comes the skinning, the gutting,

the drawing and quartering

euphemistically called field dressing.

That is followed by the stuffing of their

victims by a taxidermist.

Finally the animal is mounted


or his or her head is nailed to a wall

like the habit of a rapist who likes to nail women.


s n shriver






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Proper Hunting

No emotion should be attached to the dispatching of the animal although enjoyment of the preparing and eating of the animal is encouraged as part of life. The animal should only be killed for food, clothing or shelter.  The skin should be made into clothing, shoes or a tent covering.  Every edible part of the animal should be eaten including the brains and all of the inner organs including the stomach, intestines and uterus.  If tou will not utilize it completely, you should not kill it.  There is nothing more delicious than head cheese made from the head of a pig. ----    Stephen