ticktocking time clocking
with brain erasers electroshocking
with meds nerveblocking
goldbar stocking
privacy pickpocketing


saiom shriver




The profession of psychiatrists

a. pricegouges

b. prescribes antidepressants which are actually prodepressants, as they cause homicide, suicide and random violence

c. prescribe drugs which cause permanent shaking, impotence, weight gain etc,

d. psychiatrists are linked to the international pharmaceutical cartels

e. more lately are promoting electroshock which destroys short term memory and

   is not always voluntary

f. psychiatrists have the legal power to lock people up against their will..

g. they often dismiss visions, spiritual dreams, belief in God

h. one of the occupations with the highest rate of suicides

i. self appointed arbiters of what is a disease or mental illness and what is not

j. these profiteers from drug company kickbacks frequently deny due process in commitment cases and as a lobby work to have special 'mental health' courts

Christopher Lane writes about what he thinks is wrong with modern psychiatry

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