Trump Is Melting, Pied Piper Trump, GOP Litigators, Jimmy Dean Has Changed, and 11 Other Poems

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Trump Is Melting

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Trump Is Melting Boston ethics Winning Indians Jimmy Dean Has Changed and 11 other poems
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Trump is an iceberg

in warming seas.

His support is

melting beneath

his knees.

Even he will someday

be helped to unfreeze.



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When blacks, Latinos, and Asians

are included in the rolls of the police

there is less incidence of violence

and a more likely growing peace.




Unjust: Baton Rouge Louisiana has a majority black population, but the police

department is a majority white.


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Indians their innings

keep on winning.



The Cleveland Indians

were the first team in the American League to

integrate their team, with Larry Doby.

Indian management last year announced that

Wahoo, the objectionable symbol unfair to Native American

culture, was being retired. Today the team

will show its Wahoo-less uniforms for next year.


The Indians have waited since 1948 to have another

World Series victory. In 1954 they established the

unequaled record of  720.7 winning percentage with

111 wins out of 154 games, and a pitching roster with

four 20 game or more winning pitchers

at batting champion Bobby Avila.


The Indian name derives from having had a

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Jimmy Dean Has Changed

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Jimmy Dean is a dead man.

The pig murdering company he founded

is still using the voice of this dead man

to promote the perhaps rotting* flesh of

the pigs he murdered.  Is the company

violating his soul's wish by continuing

to murder in his name?





What's in pig flesh? Sometimes trichinella worms,

always animal fat correlated to strokes, heart attacks,

aneurisms and embolisms,

e coli or colon bacteria, cause of food poisoning deaths

and incidents, uric acid or pre-urine (trioxypurine), cause

of spinal pain, bone rigidity, arthritis, homocysteine, main

cause of Alzheimer's,  cancers of the bowel, stomach,

breast, prostate, cervix, ovaries, uterus adrenaline residue


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A 'religious liberty task force'

has been set up by

racist Jeff Sessions...

but no Hindus, Muslims

or Buddhists are


in the executioner's

prayer intercessions



Sessions was turned down for a federal

judgeship because of his racist history

of black voter suppression, use of the

draconian hitching post,  execution

only of blacks as AG etc. He once

advocated execution for anyone

convicted more than once of violating

the law re marijuana. He & his former

assistant Steve Miller are 2 of the

architects of the child kidnapping policy

of Trump


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Trump the Pied Piper
kidnaps children from parents
not with Pan's flute
but through cruel force
and prison profiteer loot.


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He can never thank others from the bottom of his heart
for his heart has no limiting dimensions

to Steve Harman Sr





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Oh Beautiful

Mystic Aphrodite

Made of light and

love is her nightie


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The world has not yet recovered from

the felling of the trees of North Africa

for Roman boats of war, nor from axing

the Cedars of Lebanon

for Solomon's temple ...deserts resulted.


Treekiling continues...  the world

gets hotter..  We have smashed the rainmakers
.. the givers of shade, free food, and homes
for our voiceless sisters and brothers.


Earth wants us to

plant trees

and eat the fruit of trees


and to build with stone and stucco,

brick and block

Thousands of years last

buildings made of rock.


Wood bulldings catch fire

and tempt termites

require paint

and attract mold







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On an Asheville spring hillside..

the divine lamplighter ignited

 the mountain laurel's

purple candelabra..

with her constant praise

to the Son and Abba


  (to Cookie Z)





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So many poems

are lyrics calling out

for music to wed..

to lift them to the sky

on octave wings





sparked by reading David W Brown's


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NIH stole tumor sells of Henrietta Lacks

Would they have if she hadn't been black?

Drug companies made billions from her cells.

What was stolen they did sell.





5 illegal unethical medical experiments on African Americans

Law and Order segment treating the issues raised by NIH and others stealing cells

NIH promises to try to reform






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Just as denial of service attacks

by those who hack

can destroy a website,

concentrated hate projected

by covens or remote viewers

paid by intelligence agencies

can negatively affect a soul.

Unlike the computer site,

a human being can repeat

his or her favorite omnipotent

name of God.



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Her partner moved suddenly and

his somewhat sharp toenail point

pricked her leg... awakening her

and simultaneously piercing

the dreamland balloon which had

carried her aloft. Now it spilled

her into reality, just in time for

her to keep an appointment.




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