Animal Rights



Report vets
who kidnap pets

1 veterinarians are often meat inspectors...
2 large animal vets work to help ranchers' animals pass inspection so that they can be murdered..
3 veterinarians are often vivisectors, laboratory researchers inflicting pain on captive animals
4 a majority of veterinarians support toxic meat diets for dogs and cats  Dogs live longer on vegan diets, cats on vegetarian diet
5 Some vets kidnap pets until the bill is paid
6 Pricegouging puts veterinary care beyond the means of many human companions of pets
7 Too many veterinarians support unnecessary and toxic vaccines
8 Some veterinarians are like certain zoos which accept animals and then kill them.  Children are told the zoo will care for their Easter bunnies.. instead they are fed to snakes
   Certain vets say they'll find homes for strays brought to them... the home turns out to be a laboratory which inflicts pain on and then kills the animal
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