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Mother Earth


15 memes  saiom shriver
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Trees do scream.

We jjust can't hear them




This several thousand year

old redwood just toppled

sooner than its life span

because of the vivisection


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No matter how

long the firm and stable


it cannot imprint its

will upon the water.




photo by N B Lynch

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Unfaithful night had the sea kissed
and thus was made... her sad mist.
but now the sun has his sealove kissed
and in dawn shone away her sad mist.


Note: The picture is not of the sea
but it is beautiful imho

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Silently spins

the forget me not

weaving new roots

into stable knots



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Like falling rain over lilyleaf tripped
Like pure moon into bright cloud slipped
Like setting sun into calm sea dipped
did Jesus' soul come to Mary.

Like the communion chalice sipped
Like river over fallsbrim lipped
Like dewdrop out of buttercup dripped
was Jesus' soul born of Mary.




Leo Tolstoy, author of "the Kingdom Of God Is Within You" whose universal nonviolence influenced Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King compared the virgin birth to

the mysterious parting of the Red Sea,  later made whole without a trace of division.


S Prabhupad compared the virgin birth of Krishna 3000 years previous to the birth of Jesus

"Krishna was conceived in the womb of Devaki as mysteriously as the rising moon in the East glows with the rays of the setting sun in the West."  (paraphrased)



facebook.com  Liz Wenger


Painting by Henry Ossawa Tanner



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Love swims the moat

and climbs the wall



a response to Andi's- beautiful poem




Mountain Peak Castle by jbrown67 on deviantART.com  pinterest


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He who knit the night
to foil His starlight
did in your mother
of an eve
your bright soul's body
patiently weave

to Julia Slocum


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Tomb of the Unknown Animals
the evidence of whose

mass murders has been eaten




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Always creating armistice,

always giving amnesty,


absolution to all is Abba,

the All Merciful Absolute




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Some see these blooms

as silent trumpets.

Others project that

they're gaudy strumpets.



r img from fineartamerica



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is the compromise

of the day

with the night






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Caged victim lab animals are tortured.

They are huddled masses yearning to be free.



Footnote: At The Univ of Texas in a previous flood, 50,000! research animals drowned, but not a single researcher. They abandoned the animals. At NYU during Hurricane Sandy thousands of research animals drowned in a storm surge.  Of the following Houston colleges and universities, several have research animals. The corporate media who profit from ads by vivisecting drug companies are not reporting on them.  These animals are often kept in underground cages so that animal rights activists have a more difficult time freeing them.

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act defines the nonviolent compassionate workers who free them as terrorists, while the torture inflicters are protected by corrupt laws.

Harvard has underground animals in its Southborough Massachusetts labs.


Baylor College of Medicine
Univ of Houston
Rice University
Houston Baptist Univ.
Houston Community College System
Lone Star College
Prairier View A & M
Sam Houston State Univ.
San Jacinto College
South Texas College of Law
Texas Southern Univ.
Univ of Houston.. at Clear Lake
Univ of Houston  Downtown
Univ of Houston  Victoria
Univ of St. Thomas
University of Texas Health Sciences


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Avoidance of yard work
or fear of buzzing bees
keeps them from growing
climate protecting
free food nut
and fruit trees

google images

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Peel a lemon

without cutting the seeds

that the world may be

more lemon treed




img from

twitter. com/abeautynature


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Apple blossom paws





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