MRSA, a condition in many hospitals, is caused by staph bacteria whch are stronger for having adapted to many antibiotics.

Columnist Christopher Hitchens died of pneumonia contracted in a Texas hospital.

Actor Jeff Chandler died of an anesthesia mistake.


A woman went to a physician when perhaps 3 months pregnant. The pregnancy test revealed a false negative caused by

either the physician, the pregnancy test, or lab error.  The doctor then scheduled a barium test in which radioactive material is injected into the intestines  The radiation was a factor in the woman's placental

abruption which caused the death of her son and nearly her own life.

At a famous Cleveland hospital a man with Parkinson's was made a huamn guinea pig. Alcohol was injected directly into his brain.  He wept silently after the operation, saying he could no ionger think.


Untold numbers of deaths occur because of the skyrocketing cause of

health care in the US. We have the highest health care costs in the world and the highest drug prices, yet of 35 OECD countries we are 29th in life expectancy and our infant mortality rates are over 5 per thousand as compared to over 3 per thousand in several other countries.

The FDA allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise drugs whose effects can be fatal causes of heart attack, stroke, and lifeharming

blindness, permanent shaking (tardive dyskinsia), memory loss,



President Clinton during his presidency gave a speech about the then over 1 million deatns a year caused by hospitals, drugs, doctors, nurses,therapists.



 President Clinton's numbers were much more believable than those of

Johns Hopkins which has many connections to drug companies.




Unnecessary and expensive catscans generate high profits for hospitals and dangerous levels of radiation



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Lets get rid of medical doctors anf revert back to shamans and wich doctors.

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We in the US have the highest

We in the US have the highest health care costs in the world, the highest

drug prices, but are only mid level in the quality of health care. Greed drives the system.


Many countries have a lower rate of infant mortality