Thrown Off Bus, Train, Plane

When Ralph Nader was bumped from a plane

he  sued the airlines for justice' gain.

When Rosa Parks was told to move

to the back of the bus..

she brought down pillars of racism

.. for bus... is 'for all' 'omnibus'

When Gandhi was off a train thrown

.. the anger in him was sown

.. he channeled it and was installed

  on eternal nonviolence' throne.

In their train

comes the peace train.


the wallflowers

the flowers which

  grow in the niche

  in the wall

are sometimes the most

beautiful of all

as the 'ugly' ducklings


the most beautiful swans

.. after long nights

the most beautiful dawns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When Arun Gandhi was beaten in S Africa he wanted revenge as a child.. but his grandfather taught him that anger was energy, electricity, which could be channeled for good

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