What's In A Hot Dog?




Jay Leno: Did you know that hot dogs contain pig uteri?


Female Hormones? Why? They are injected so that the animals will gain waterweight before being butchered.. and make more profit.These hormones are banned in Europe because they cause prostate, uterine, cervical, ovarian and breast cancer


Sodium Nitrate Sodium nitrate, red dye no. 2 forms with animal proteins in the stomach to mak carcinogenic nitrosamines.http://www.ivu.org/recipes.


Some hot dogs come with an NC on the package, standing for natural casings. What are they? Casings are the actual intestinal linings of a pig or cow. They are full of ecoli or colon bacteria.


Why are hot dogs dyed? Because otherwise they would be brown, the color of the intestines.



Lips Snouts Ground Up Hooves Eyelashes Tails Spinal Cords Other Slop from Slaughterhouse Floor When profiteers say some hot dogs have everything but the squeal, they can be taken literally. Howard Lyman got a spinal tumor fromeating the meat of animals on his 4th generation Montana cattle farm. He promised God that if he recovered (he was told he would never walk again) he would end ranching. He began to tell the world about the animals fed to other animals.When he described this on Oprah Winfrey's show, they were both sued by Amarillo cattlemen. The 5th Circuit upheld Winfrey and Lyman, saying the truth is not libelous. However the Amarillo cattlemen,  sued again and lost again.


Oh I'd Love to Be An Oscar Mayer Wiener is a lie by ad execs who market carcinogenic food to children.. In reality 1100 pigs an hour were butchered in Madison Wisconsin. The sound they make would rend any heart which is why slaughterhouses have the most turnover of any occupation. The kicking terrified animals make slaughterhouse and deep fishing the 2 most dangerous occupations. Oscar Mayer with its Oscar Mobile is guilty of criminal child endangering as it promotes leukemia and food poisoning engendering food. A Minnesota Dept of Health

official stated that to give a child rare meat is like driving your child 95 mph down a road.


What about pet food? When animals are so full of cancer that even the meat inspectors condemn their carcasses, the bodies are put in the pet food tankers. Dog and cat cancers are multiplying.


Hot dogs are cadavers in a coffin bun.


Ralph Nader said he would never
eat a hot dog and wrote about why.


A meatcutter in upstate NY said although he was not a vegetarian he would never eat coldcuts or hot dogs.


George Bernard Shaw once asked a man with a meatless plate next to him if he was like Shaw a vegetarian. The man replied.. I wasn't til I became a meat inspector.

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