D Day Dawn, Pigeon Reviews

The dawn of D Day..

for many the death day

.. they did not

welcome the shy pink

precursors of the sun.

Many could not swim and were dropped

off in deep water to their

deaths by drowning.

Others were wiped out by seasickness.


Most were sitting ducks

in their unprotected boats

for German bullets..

the first victims of

canned hunts.

.. bullets found their way

into the throats of some

who gurgled

and gasped their lives away

Ones chin was shot off

and he held it back on as life ebbed away.

Others had their eyes shot out

while generals from their safe aeries

moved living being pawns on

a lethal chess board.


Gracing the statues
of serially killing generals
are the droppings of pigeons
... for the generals sent millions
without cause... to realms stygian.

-saiom shriver-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mr Murray has said
that the Ft McDill
armchair warrior generals
who conduct war long
distance.. might apply
for combat medals.

Dwight Eisenhower who
ordered cats shot
on the White House grounds
sacrificed many lives
unnecessarily through
poor planning.

The world is divided into
pacifists, sheep who
worship all authority,
and a middle group,
which support some wars
and not others.
Those in the middle
find that WW 2 was
unnecessarily gory.

How seldom are the 27
million war dead of
Russia mentioned.

This poem is not an endorsement of the Bush
junta's violent blueprints
for Iraq.

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