Peace Paz Pax Salem Shalom Shanti

In his arms died

Ariel Sharon's Gur

his small son

who in error shot himself

with Ariel's gun

The eyes of his

wife Margalit

were by God's candles


She died under stars

which left heart scars

Years later his beloved


by lung cancer was made

to leave

as God continued

to remove the flames

in his heart.

May he now

watch his favorite

limes grow

.. on trees which

replace cattle barns.

May he now cherish

Palestinian rights

to their

trees of cherry

and their date

palms and olive groves

which take time

to grow.

May Yasser Arafat

who eats no meat

spread everywhere

nonviolent peace.

May each of us now


temples mosques

and churches

of shining Spirit sun

in which no harming

thought word or deed

can take root.

May all fruit trees

and birds, raindrops

and fountains

ocean waves

and spruce mountains

teach us how to

breathe peace.

As what we think together

descends into reality

we all become lakes

of cool peace

to which thirsty birds

and deer and


can come.

Author's Notes/Comments:
(creator of Meatout is
a concentration camp
survivor who works with
Casey Kasem, Lebanese
vegetarian Druse, and others to create a
slaughterhouse-free world.

Ariel Sharon Born: 09/27/1928, in Kfar Malal, as Ariel Scheinerman
Family: Widower (first wife, Margalit, was killed in a car accident;
his second wife, Lily, died of lung cancer in 2000); three sons (Gur,
who died in 1967, Omri, and Gilad)

A tv biography mentions that Sharon never knew happiness
until the family he developed in the military.

Father Mother God, Spirit Indweller of all beings,
by Your miracles give Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat,
all Palestinians, Israelis, Arabs Jews Christians Muslims
Hindus Buddhists agnostics atheists
love of each other and all life, commitment
to nonviolence, an epiphany about the divinity
in each other.

May we all release the past.. and see each person shining
in divinity whether radiant or cloudshrouded.

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