Plattsburgh Miracle


1970, the Fifth of May
One day after
the Kent State Four.
The Plattsburgh students
decide to act
from their very heartcores.
They say that in league
with those at Kent State
They will march to
the SAC Air Force Gate..
The SAC commander now decrees
that shot summarily
will be
any who touch
the Air Force gate

The students say they
want peace evermore
that they want violence
gone from our shores.

And as the students file by
an amazing thing is in store!

Out of base homes come
the Air Force wives.
Holding their babes
they offer their lives

and stand between
the young and the armed
and by their courage
is peace reborn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to Dr Bob Lance,
whose healing powers
were legendary..he was
at the time
.. a teacher on campus
.. now with God..
Silent tears fell
from him as he told
this story.

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